Associate of Arts Bible


The Associate of Arts in Bible is designed for those who want a two-year course of study. It is suited for those who need training in the Word of God, whether spouses of students who are in degree programs, or members of area churches who want to enhance their present ministries, or mission workers who need to add Bible to their existing professional expertise. This program is not a substitute for a four-year program, but is designed to lead directly into such a program.

The program offers the equivalent of a semester of general educa­tion but concentrates on Bible and Bible-related subjects. There are 40 semester hours of Bible, 5 in missions and evangelism, 18 in general education, and 6 in free electives. This program can be completed in two years of full-time or four years of part-time and/or evening study, and is available online.

  • Demonstrate a general knowledge of the books of the Bible, including key individuals, major events, and historical setting
  • Explain the major doctrines of the Bible consistent with literal, grammatical, contextual, and historical principles of interpretation
  • Exhibit an ability to integrate a biblical world view in personal and professional life applications

Course requirements for the following degree are as follows:

Bible (33 semester hours)
Old Testament Survey
New Testament Survey
Biblical Interpretation I: Principles of Biblical Interpretation
Biblical Interpretation II: Dispensationalism
Biblical Interpretation III: Issues in Eschatology
Pauline Epistles I
Bible Doctrine I
Bible Doctrine II
Life of Christ
Baptist History
Bible Elective

General Education (19 semester hours)
English Composition I
English Composition II
Fine Arts Elective
Introduction to Computers
World History I
Student Life Seminar
PE Activity
Principles of Speech

Christian Ministry (7 semester hours)
Introduction to Missions
Christian Ethics

Electives (6 semester hours)
Elective 1
Elective 2

Total Hours (65 hours)

You may view our suggested Program Track and Course Descriptions in our catalog.