Biblical Foundations

Biblical Foundations is one year of concentrated online Bible study available to any interested student who meets the academic requirements for admission to Piedmont International University. This course of study provides a solid foundation for those pursuing professional education other than a Bible college degree or for those desiring an intensive study of the Bible.



  • Demonstrate a basic knowledge of the books of the Bible, including the key individuals, major events, and historical settings
  • Explain the major doctrines of the Bible consistent with literal, grammatical, contextual, and historical  principles of interpretation
  • Exhibit an ability to integrate a biblical world view in personal and professional life applications

Course Requirements for the program are as follows:

(26 semester hours)
Biblical Interpretation I: Principles of Biblical Interpretation
Old Testament Survey
New Testament Survey
Life of Christ
Pauline Epistles I
Bible Doctrine I
Bible Doctrine II
Bible Elective

Christian Ministry (4 semester hours)
Christian Ethics

General Education (1 semester hour)
Student Life Seminar

 Total Semester Hours = 31 hours