Faculty by School

Faculty - School of Arts & Sciences

Dr. Ron Smith Dean, Professor of Music (Brass)
Mrs. Darlyn Cole Professor of Music (Voice)
Mr. Greg Moore Professor of History, Online Academic Advisor
Miss Adonna Lucas Professor of Music (Chorale)
Mrs. Sandra Perkins Professor of Teacher Education, English
Dr. Alex Brown Adjunct Professor
Mrs. Becky Bottoms Adjunct Professor, Dean of Women
Dr. Randy Bottoms Adjunct Professor
Mrs. Nancy Epperson Adjunct Professor
Dr. Daniel Skidmore Adjunct Professor
Mrs. Barbara Michalski Adjunct Professor
Mr. William Kossler Adjunct Professor
Mrs. Pat White Adjunct Professor
Mr. William Kossler Adjunct Professor

Faculty - School of Bible & Theology

Dr. Larry Tyler Dean, Professor of Bible
Mr. Wayne Willis Professor of Theology
Dr. Hoyle Bowman Professor of Bible and Theology
Dr. Gilbert Braithwaite Professor of Old Testament
Dr. Jerry Hullinger Professor of Bible
Dr. David Luethy Adjunct Professor
Dr. Paul Hartog Adjunct Professor
Mr. Kent Hogan Adjunct Professor
Dr. John Klem Adjunct Professor
Dr. Robert Lightner Adjunct Professor
Dr. Mel Winstead Adjunct Professor
Dr. James Price Adjunct Professor
Mr. Jason Seymour Adjunct Professor, Library Manager
Dr. Cameron Cloud Adjunct Professor
Mr. Rick Snider Adjunct Professor, Director of Technology
Dr. Peter Youmans Adjunct Professor

Faculty - Moore School of Education

Dr. Harlie Miller Dean, Professor of Teacher Education
Mrs. Cheryl Howard Professor of Teacher Education
Mrs. Laura Richards Professor of Physical Education
Ms. Kyndra Smith Professor of Teacher Education, English
Dr. John Richards Adjunct Professor

School of Leadership - Faculty

Dr. David Pitcher  Dean, Professor of Leadship
Dr. Edward Funk  Adjunct Faculty
Dr. Craig Lawrence  Adjunct Faculy
Dr. D. Brent Powell  Faculty
Dr. Lori Robertson  Faculty
Dr. Charles Morris  Adjunct Faculty
Dr. Glenda Riley  Adjunct Faculty
Dr. Jon Thaddeus Harless  Adjunct Faculty
Dr. Randall Carman  Adjunct Faculty
Dr. Jeffrey Farmer  Adjunct Faculty
Dr. Roger Stiles  Adjunct Faculty
Dr. Nicole Lowes  Adjunct Faculty

Faculty - Alford School of Ministry

Dr. Tim White Acting Dean, Professor of Bible and Pastoral Theology
Mr. Jim Hayes Professor of Missiology
Mr. Shean Phillips Professor of Student Ministries
Dr. Larry Moyer Adjunct Professor
Dr. Brian Upshaw Adjunct Professor
Dr. Kevin Carson Adjunct Professor
Mr. Dustin Conner Adjunct Professor, e4-12 Coordinator
Dr. Rob Decker Adjunct Professor
Dr. Bill Edmondson Adjunct Professor
Mr. Skip Furrow Adjunct Professor
Mr. Tim Gerber Adjunct Professor
Mr. Chris Ronk Adjunct Professor, Director of Business
Dr. William Smallman Adjunct Professor
Mr. Matt Smith Adjunct Professor