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North American Church Planting Minor

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This minor is intended to equip disciple makers and church planters for multiplying churches in a North American, post-Christian, Western cultural context. This program can be completed on campus in Winston-Salem, NC or online so students can remain in their current ministry context. PIU is located right on the edge of downtown Winston-Salem, providing our students with a perfect opportunity to engage lostness in our own backyard. But if you are already involved in multiplying disciples and planting churches in your own community, please stay there and complete your NACP minor online. Our innovative online school allows students to personally interact with our faculty and students as if they were physically in Winston-Salem.


  • Making Disciples: Students will learn that their calling is to multiply worshippers of God through multiplying followers of Jesus. Essential to planting new churches is making disciples “out of the harvest” or from discipling unbelievers who become reproducing disciples and church planters themselves. The NACP minor will emphasize every church having a heart for the nations by planting churches among internationals living in North America and in the cities, towns, and villages of the world.
  • Planting Churches: Students will learn from active church planters in both Winston-Salem and cities across North America how to practically start, lead, and multiply new churches that exist for the sake of the gospel and the communities in which they live. The NACP minor will also benefit the leader who wishes to remission or revitalize existing churches in North America by learning essential practices from planter-pastors in rural, suburban, and urban contexts who have replanted or revitalized declining or dying local churches.
  • Restoring Cities: Students will learn to be missionary disciples who lead others to missionally engage their communities with the gospel of Jesus by becoming conversant with a post-Christian, pluralistic, Western culture and leading the way in restoring the broken pockets of their communities. Since North America is not made up of just large, urban cities, students will also learn effective church planting practices for smaller, rural communities and for the rapidly growing international communities in North America.

Minor Requirements: (click here for full course descriptions)

  • MI304 Disciple Making and Church Planting in North America (3 hrs)
  • MI305 Methods & Strategy in North American Church Planting (3 hrs)
  • MI407 Contextualization in North American Mission (3 hrs)
  • MI302 Comparative Religions 3hrs
  • Select any course in a Christian Ministries Minor (3 hrs)
  • MI408 NACP Practicum (3 hrs)

Total Hours (18 hours)