Relationship Based Scholarships

Ministry Development for Supporting Churches
Students who are full-time senior, associate, or assistant pastors of churches supporting Piedmont at $100 per month or more will receive a one-third tuition discount and a one-third tuition scholarship. Students who are members of those supporting churches who are not on the pastoral staff will receive a one-third tuition scholarship.

  • Member of a supporting church
  • Up to two-thirds tuition
  • Renewable each semester
  • Cannot be "stacked" with other awards
  • Supporting church status must be verified annually

Atlantic Scholarship for Ministry Training
In 2008, Atlantic Baptist Bible College merged with Piedmont Baptist College and Graduate School, creating the Atlantic Scholarship for Ministry Training. Eligible recipients must be enrolled in an Online, Graduate, or PhD program and may include in the following order of priority:  a.) Atlantic Alumni, Faculty, and Staff, b.) Members of Atlantic’s supporting churches, c.) American church planters and church planters in training, d.) Full-time missionaries, national pastors, and national pastors in training, e.) Full-time pastoral staff members and those preparing for full-time pastoral or missionary ministry. Awards will be in the amount of 1/3 of tuition. The recipients will be selected by the College Scholarship Committee. The number of awards will be based on the funds available.


This scholarship, funded by the merger with Spurgeon Baptist Bible College, is awarded to Florida residents.

  • Florida resident at time of application
  • Up to $1,500 per year
  • Renewable only with continuous enrollment
  • Stackable with other awards of $1000/yr or less
  • Verification of Florida residency is required


Student Spouse
This scholarship is available to the spouse of any full-time student at Piedmont.

  • Spouse of full-time Piedmont student
  • Up to 3 credit hours of tuition per semester
  • Renewable each semester
  • Stackable with other awards of $1000/yr or less


Ministry Partnership
New students in online programs who have an association with a ministry partner may qualify for scholarships. The student must submit a certificate signed by an authorized representative of the partnering ministry to our Financial Assistance Office by the deadline on the certificate.

  • New students only
  • Awards must be signed by a representative of the partnering ministry
  • Amounts, deadlines, and renewability determined by the certificate
  • Cannot be "stacked" with other awards


Note: Stackable scholarships are subject to a cap of 50% of tuition. Individual scholarships may be awarded up to but not to exceed 100% of tuition.