Relationship Based Scholarships

Alumni Scholarship
The Alumni* Scholarship is provided to all alumni of Piedmont International University, Spurgeon Baptist Bible College, and Atlantic Baptist Bible College as well as their children and grandchildren in appreciation of their years of support and service. Alumni applicants are eligible for one-third off tuition for any program.

Supporting Church Scholarship for Members
Students who are members of churches supporting Piedmont International University at least $100 each month will receive a one-third tuition scholarship. Renewal requires continued church support.

Student Spouse Tuition Grant
The spouse of a full-time Piedmont student receives a grant of tuition for one free class per semester. Normal fees, including application and registration, must be paid by the student. There is no award deadline. This grant does not include courses taken for enrichment, and cannot be combined with any other award.


*Alumni are graduates from any bachelor's or master's degree program or former students who have completed at least twelve credit hours and have been out of school for five or more years.