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Reduced Tuition, Improved Quality

Piedmont International University is committed to reversing two of the horrible trends that have been plaguing American higher education for many years; skyrocketing, out-of-control tuition increases combined with diminishing outcomes. Too many college graduates are carrying the overwhelming burden of heavy student debt for decades with no real hope of ever paying it off.

That is so unnecessary as the Internet and modern technologies now provide the mechanisms that would enable schools to improve the educational process while sharply cutting the cost of providing a great education. But, instead of passing those savings to the students by cutting the cost of tuition, colleges and universities are choosing to continue raising tuition year after year. They may continue building ever more extravagant campus facilities and grow even larger endowments, but students, parents and graduates are struggling.

Piedmont International University is absolutely committed to leveraging innovation and the Internet to ensure that our students receive a world-class, accredited education at sharply reduced prices. We are utilizing cutting edge technologies to build a model of Christian higher education designed for the 21st Century and designed with student budgets in mind.

You can read about these smarter and better approaches to education that enhance learning and better prepare students for life and career, but another great result of the innovation is significantly lower tuition. We are pleased to announce tuition cuts of 10 to 40 percent beginning fall 2014, bringing tuition down to only $295 per credit hour (with the exception of the Ph.D. programs).

That’s only $4,425 per semester for a full time student taking 15 credit hours. A nice variety of scholarships are available as well, and the majority of PIU students receives a scholarship of around 1/3 of tuition. That would bring tuition down to less than $3,000 per semester. The full Pell grant is expected to be around $5,645 for the 2015-2016 school year. So an undergraduate student coming to Piedmont next fall who gets a typical scholarship and the full Pell grant would pay less than $300 of tuition for the entire year!

Our goal is to put quality, accredited higher education into the hands of anyone who really wants it, but without the heavy burden of excessive student debt. Lord willing, by utilizing innovation and smarter approaches, we will keep quality, Christian higher education affordable for years to come.

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