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Growing Better

The innovations for a smarter classroom will set the stage for unprecedented opportunities in ministry training.

Students will be better prepared upon graduation to face the challenges of ministry in today’s connected and constantly changing world. A large body of research is available that demonstrates how the flipped classroom model will more effectively expose students to the skills, experiences, and coaching needed to excel in their respective fields. Better training equals greater outcomes.

New methods will also create the opportunity to modify faculty responsibilities. We will continue to expect great things from a world-class faculty and reward them accordingly. But, academic advising will now be handled by trained advisors allowing faculty to focus solely on teaching, mentoring, writing, and recording. This will maximize the tremendous “human resource” God has given us. Better focus equals greater success.

Advanced, interactive, Bible-based training will now be available to almost any believer around the world. As you may recall, the Summer 2013 Newsline highlighted a recent partnership with Central Africa Baptist College and Seminary located in Zambia. This partnership is helping to produce gospel-multiplying, self-reproducing, highly influential servant-leaders in the heart of Africa. But, unlike previous models, these students will do so without spending the tens of thousands of dollars necessary to come to the US for training. As we continue to partner with missionaries, nationals, and international Bible schools like this, we can only begin to imagine the eternal and worldwide impact that is possible. Better networking equals greater impact.

A better Piedmont means we can truly (and effectively) teach all nations. We believe that Piedmont International University can partner with supporters, local churches, and international ministries to train qualified people in every state and every nation on earth using today’s amazing technology. Our graduates will be more prepared than ever before. Our student population will be more diverse in every way than ever before. But we will be unified by a common focus on God, the Gospel, the World, and the Word. Now that’s better.

Learn more about Piedmont's latest plans to innovate using new methods and technologies.