Mrs. Sandra Perkins

Professor of English Education

Office: Deeds Hall 320



M. Ed English Education, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, 2001
B.A. English/Media Communications, High Point University, 1992
*Inducted into Alpha Chi Honor Fraternity in 1992
A. A. in History, Darton State College (formerly Albany Junior College), 1985
*Inducted into Phi Theta Kappa Honor Fraternity in 1985

Sandra Perkins identifies with “late bloomers” -- - students who get on the road to higher education a little later in life. She finished college AFTER all three of her children went off to elementary school. This late start fueled her intense passion to learn, and this intensity characterizes her teaching.

Sandra is passionate about literature and the language arts and her passion is contagious. Described by her students as “an animated teacher that wants you to learn and that encourages [you] to press forward “and ” an excellent teacher who really stimulates a love of learning,“ she affects students with her love for her subject area. By encouraging students to “widen the lens” and cultivate a wide range of experiences in text and life, she enlarges their capacity for life and ministry. Her classes are filled with captivating stories of personal experiences in ministry and life that illustrate the literature she teaches. She frequently uses her own compositions to teach methods of development in writing classes, practically demonstrating the concepts she teaches and illustrating with her own work the models for student performance. She guides readers through the classics of British literature from a culturally informed perspective, having lived among the “Brits” for two years. Her American literature classes are also informed by diverse cultural and ministry experiences she has enjoyed while living in New York, Georgia, North Dakota, and Chicago. A licensed teacher for many years, her wide experience in the classroom ranges from teaching first graders to college students.

Sandra has been a featured speaker at Ladies’ Conferences, and she frequently conducts workshops at State Teachers’ Conventions and in the summer at Piedmont for teachers who need renewal credit. She also supervises student internships for Secondary English Education majors at Piedmont.

Sandra uses her pedagogy skills in her church, where she serves as a teacher and assistant in a first grade Sunday school class. When she is not teaching at Piedmont, Sandra enjoys teaching the Bible and other great literature to her grandchildren as well as writing poetry and short fiction that reflects her Southern roots and family ties. She loves taking family trips to Carova Beach in North Carolina’s Outer Banks and decorating her home.

Courses Taught
English Composition I
Basic English
Literature Surveys and Electives
a. Survey of World Literature
b. American Literature: Beginnings to 1865
c. American Literature: 1865 to the Present
d. Survey of British Literature I
e. Survey of British Literature II
f. Shakespearean Drama
g. 20 th Century British Literature
h. Greek Drama
i. Modern American Poetry
j. Modern American Short Story

English Pedagogy
a. Reading in the Content Area
b. Teaching English in the Secondary School
c. Secondary Classroom Management

Books, Articles, Memberships, and Scholarly Presentations
Current Member: National Council of Teachers of English
Attended American Christian Writers’ Conference in Wheaton, Illinois, 2006
Former Member : Modern Language Association
Presenter: North Carolina Christian Educator’s Convention (“Deep and Wide: Textual Analysis and High Level Thinking,” 2012; “Writing As a Way of Learning, 2010” Writing Sins,” 2010; “Error Analysis and Composition Feedback,” 2009)
Presenter: Teacher Education Workshops for Renewal Credits (“Three Approaches to Grammar Instruction, 2009” “Project English, 2010”)
Christian Ladies’ Seminar, 2012: “Monarch Moms and Caterpillar Kids.”