M.A. in Biblical Studies, Military Chaplaincy


  • Demonstrate through graduate-level research papers and/or examinations, a general knowledge of the Bible and an in-depth understanding of selected books using a literal hermeneutic leading to a dispensational, premillennial interpretation of the Scriptures
  • Explain and contrast the basic tenets of Christian theology and principles of ministry from a perspective of Christian maturity, fundamentalism, separatism, and Baptist polity
  • Develop and preach/teach hermeneutically sound and homiletically effective sermons/Bible lessons
  • Exhibit competence in providing appropriate spiritual guidance to military or nonmilitary individuals and their families in their environment
  • Conduct graduate-level research on a ministry-related subject, as demonstrated in a paper using clear English and standard procedures

Academic Requirements: A bachelor's degree or equivalent from a recognized college or university with a minimum GPA of 3.0 and a satisfactory grade on the GRE exam. The Graduate Record Examination is a computerized test that is used to measure a student’s excellence in verbal skills. Scores must be submitted by the end of the first semester of study. While it is very helpful if an applicant takes all three sections of the test, we only require the Analytical Writing portion of the test. A satisfactory score would be to be placed in the 50th percentile or higher. Click link for test registration information…GRE: Graduate Record Examinations

Course Requirements:

Theology (21 hours)
THE500 - Theology I
THE501 - Theology II
THE502 - Theology III
THE503 - Theology IV
THE505 - Dispensationalism
THE611 - Contemporary Theological Issues
THE517 - Apologetics

Church History (4 hours)
HIS500 - Church History I
HIS501 - Church History II

Research (3 hours)
RES511 - Research: Writing and Communication

Biblical Studies (21 hours)
BSO500 - Introduction to the Old Testament
BSN500 - Introduction to the New Testament
BIN500 - Introduction to Hermeneutics
BLH600 - Hebrew I or OT Elective
BLH601 - Hebrew II or OT Elective
BLG500 - Greek I or NT Elective
BLG501 - Greek II or NT Elective

Chaplaincy and Ministry Studies (23 hours)
CHA578 - Introduction to Chaplaincy Ministry
CHA580 - Chaplaincy and Pastoral Ministry
CHA621 - Chaplaincy Ministry in the U.S. Military (2 hrs)
MIN500 - Leadership and Vision Casting
MIN503 - Bridging Cultural Gaps
MIN520 - Homiletics
MIN552 - Problems in Ethics
MIN620 - Issues in Counseling

Total = 72 hours