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Dual Enrollment

Want to jump start your College education?  Check out our Dual Enrollment opportunity for High School Juniors and Seniors. As a High School Junior or Senior you are able to take college level courses for credit at a fraction of the regular cost. Learn at our main campus or through the Spurgeon School of Online Education which is ranked #3 in North Carolina and #4 in the nation for Bible Colleges.  Our classes offer you the opportunity to participate in college level course work in a “hands on” interactive educational environment.


  • Individual = $299 per class
  • 8-14 students = $2,100 for the group
  • 15+ students = $ 160 per student per class

Steps to apply

  • Complete our dual enrollment application (includes a $60 application fee)
  • Submit high school transcripts

Academic Criteria

  • Minimum in progress high school GPA of 2.5
  • Minimum ACT composite score of 17, or SAT combined score of 820 (without writing) or  minimum SAT combined score of 1260 (with writing). In some instances, a nationally normed standardized test can be substituted for the ACT/SAT scores as long as the student scored at or above the 75th percentile. 

Available Courses (view course schedules)
Biblical Interpretation I online
Old Testament Survey online
New Testament Survey online
Bible Doctrine I online
Bible Doctrine II online
Pauline Epistles I online
Life of Christ online
Christian Ethics online
English Composition I online
English Composition II online
Survey of World History I online
Survey of World History II online
Survey of Fine Arts online
Math Survey online
Survey of Physical Science online
Physical Education Activity Class (i.e. personal fitness)
Private music lessons

You may view our suggested Program Track and Course Descriptions in our catalog.