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Students seeking a Master's degree MUST apply through Piedmont International University and include the $39 application fee.
Credit seeking students register for classes in the student portal and get the class syllabus
Master's Students, pay your school bill here
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Enrichment students taking the class for personal learning must pay a $39 per course registration fee and $19.95 (optional) for your course workbook. 
Register and pay here
Purchase course workbooks If you previously chose not to order a book when you registered but now wish to purchase a book use this link.
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Please use the church registration form each semester that you are hosting an e4-12 class in your church and update any new information. Payment will be collected as you complete the form. Churches that are active in supporting PIU for $200 or more per month may stream as many classes as they would like and not be charged a hosting fee.


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If you have any questions concerning payment, please contact us at

Students receiving a degree are required to take a comprehensive exam prior to graduation.