Organizational Leaders: Register your church or organization to host e4-12

Registration is free, fast, and easy. Simply provide the church information, contact information for the pastor and the selected liaison who will communicate with Piedmont and look after details at the host site. Agree to adhere to the Academic Requirements and start on your journey of hosting fully accredited courses at your location.


Graduate Applicants: Apply for the Master of Arts in Ministry Program

If you hold a recognized bachelors degree simply apply on the site  In as little as three and a half years you can earn an accredited Master of Arts in Ministry degree through this special e4-12 version of our online school at a significant savings. Because of the partnership with your church you can receive a degree for less than $3000.00 in total tuition! Complete the application form and our Admissions Office will contact you with all the information you'll need to begin your studies through the convenience of video-classes at church and web-based assignments from the comfort of your own home.


Enrichment Applicants: Sign up for the Certificate Program

If you do not hold a bachelors degree, or you're just not ready to pursue a master's degree there is an enrichment option for only $39 dollars per course. Simply notify your e4-12 liaison at your church. They wil register you and order your book. You will pay for your book and enrichment fee at the church. After attending all ten courses, you will receive an official Certificate of Completion from Piedmont International University.




  Contact our e4-12 Coordinator today.