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Investing In Your future. Choosing a University is an important decision and a significant investment into your future. It is important to consider an institution that offers the educational experience you require to accomplish your goals combined with clear information reguarding affordability, methods of repayment and future debt. The US Census Bureau has shown that a college education will pay for itself with future earnings. However, today's economic conditions compel students and their families to explore options that don't leave you saddled with incredible debt requiring a lifetime of payments. 

Piedmont International University is committed to providing academic excellence with innovative learning opportunities while maintaining extremely affordable tuition rates. By doing this, Piedmont is ensuring you the opportunity to receive an exceptional educational experience at the fraction of the costs of other institutions.  As you continue to explore Piedmont's information you will discover what we describe as the 3 to 1 ratio. You can receive approximately 3 years of education at Piedmont for the cost of just one year at other Universities and Christian schools. 



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Priority date for submitting your FAFSA for the upcoming academic year is April 15, 2016

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