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Management for Nonprofits

Churches and para-church ministries around the world need solid financial management, proper legal compliance, and efficient staffing. This minor is designed to train individuals to help meet these needs. Many ideas can be gleaned from the business world, but biblical discernment is necessary to determine which concepts should be incorporated within a particular ministry. Additionally, rules and regulations for nonprofit organizations (NPOs) differ greatly from those of the for-profit sector.



  • To develop a biblically correct form of management that balances fiduciary responsibilities with ministry purposes and objectives
  • To expose students to major financial concepts, principles, and strategies 
  • To acquire the ability to prepare, understand, and explain basic financial statements
  • To be able to utilize the latest technologies for information gathering, analysis, and reporting
  • To understand pertinent regulatory and legal requirements for nonprofits, churches, etc.

Minor Requirements:

  • NM201-Marketing, Fundraising, and Public Relations
  • NM202-Financial Management and Legal Issues
  • NM301-Human Resource Management
  • NM302-Organizational Behavior
  • NM401-Strategic Management and Governance
  • NM402-Management Information Systems
  • NM403-Practicum

Total Credits Required: 18 hours


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Management for Nonprofits
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"Although I was already involved in a nonprofit ministry, the information was so interesting, practical, and educational. I have already been able to put into practice some valuable information I learned from this one online class. I look forward to the next class as I am sure it will prove to be just as valuable to me."
-Sharon Kelly, Executive Director of LifeLine Pregnancy Help Center