Just as the Apostle Paul took advantage of Roman highways to carry the gospel to his world, we believe that God Almighty wants us to use the information superhighway to impact ours.  For anyone drawn to the pursuit of biblical studies, the Spurgeon School of Online Education makes it possible to overcome nearly all limitations of time, space and expense. The program delivers web-based, interactive education to students anywhere in the world.

Online students are vital members of the Piedmont community. Online chats and discussion boards provide opportunities for students to constantly interact with professors and fellow students. Our cutting-edge technology and flexible system of study enables anyone seeking a theological education to experience several of the same rigorous, integrated degree programs available on campus.

This stay-at-home opportunity makes a respected Bible college degree even more attainable. The program compliments the work and philosophy of local churches that wish to train men and women for service without uprooting them from their communities.

Prospective students include: ministers, missionaries, military personnel, church and lay leaders, degree completion candidates, high school dual enrollment students, masters’ candidates, those seeking in-depth Bible knowledge, internationals and motivated retirees.

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See What Students Are Saying

"You cannot imagine what it meant to me to find a school like Piedmont that would allow me to receive training for the ministry without having to leave my responsibilities in my local church. Truly God is good!"