Bachelor of Science Physical Education

The Physical Education program spans grades K-12. Physical Education majors are prepared to teach motor skills, health, and the importance of physical fitness. In addition to coaching athletic teams, physical education students develop a biblically-based philosophy of athletics and competition. A commitment to lifelong physical fitness is emphasized throughout the program.

  • Articulate a personal philosophy of education that reflects biblical principles
  • Integrate biblically-based truth in physical education curriculum and instruction
  • Explain the scientific and philosophical basis of physical education
  • Demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge in the analysis of movement
  • Develop a wide range of motor skills
  • Display an in-depth knowledge of the teaching/learning process, materials, equipment, legal issues, and technology specifically related to physical education
  • Employ various aspects of a well-designed and balanced physical education program, including preparation, organization, administration, supervision, and evaluation
  • Exhibit the knowledge of basic concepts of health required for lifelong personal, school, and community fitness.

Courses Requirements for the degree are as follows:

Bible Core (30 semester hours)
Old Testament Survey
New Testament Survey
Life of Christ
Pauline I
Baptist History
Bible Doctrine I
Bible Doctrine II
Biblical Interpretation I: Principles of Biblical Interpretation
Biblical Interpretation II: Dispensationalism
Biblical Interpretation III: Issues in Eschatalogy

General Education Core (40 semester hours)
English Composition I
English Composition II
Literature Survey:
      Survey of British Literature I
      Survey of British Literature II
      Survey of World Literature
      Survey of American Literature
Survey of World History I
American Government
Mathematics Survey
Science Survey: General Biology Survey*
Principles of Speech
General Education Elective: Survey of Physical Science*
Humanities Elective: US History to 1865*
Fine Arts Elective: Fine Arts Appreciation*
PE Activity
PE Activity
Technology Requirement
      Introduction to Computers
      Technology in Ministry
      Technology Portfolio
Student Life Seminar
*These general education requirements are met with the taking of the recommended courses.

Christian Ministry Core (4 semester hours)
Christian Ethics

Professional Studies (18 semester hours)
Early Field Experience
Foundations of Education
Exceptional Learner
Human Growth and Development
Educational Psychology
Instructional Media and Technology
Reading in the Content Area

Physical Education (43 semester hours)
Health Education
Organization and Administration of PE
Foundations of Physical Education
Anatomy and Lab 
Coaching Field Experience
First Aid
PE in the Elementary School
Teaching Coaching of Sports
Education Practicum
Student Teaching

Total Hours (135 semester hours)

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