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Spurgeon School of Online Education Admissions

For over 70 years Piedmont has been widely accepted as a top choice in schools to prepare students for ministry and our graduates continue to demonstrate the quality of the education received. Now we are pleased to offer that same quality education online at a very afforable cost!  We are confident that our carefully designed courses taught by exceptional faculty will prove to be an invaluable tool in your preparation for ministry.   


We have used Blackboard Technology since the inception of our Spurgeon School of Online Education. There are several reasons that we use an established professional provider of internet based education software like Blackboard.  It offers professors several different pedagogical methods to teach our student body including PowerPoint, audio, audio w/PowerPoint, video, chat rooms, and discussion forums. These tools allow professors and students to interact with each other around relevant course content. Professors also use Blackboard to manage assignments, quizzes, and exams that are provided for students. Blackboard has proven to be a powerful tool for students and professors to converse around their given course subject, whether it be Systematic Theology, Pentateuch, World History, English, Psychology, or Counseling. Please visit our demo course (username and password is demo - all lowercase).  

Our professors are both spiritually and academically qualified to teach. Our professors are individuals who have unashamedly placed their trust in Jesus Christ and joyfully serve His bride, the Church. They know true satisfaction comes through Christ and have accepted the call to train others in making Christ known in the world. They take great pleasure in helping students fulfill their dreams of knowing God and making Him known. 
All our professors hold pertinent academic credentials meeting appropriate accreditation standards. They have academically mastered the subjects which they teach and utilize their knowledge and wisdom to expand the depth and breadth of student's knowledge. Our professors enjoy teaching content designed to equip students for both ministry and/or graduate school. Our online professors demonstrate their joy in serving you by holding office hours specifically for online students in order for you to receive immediate expert feedback either by phone or email. Future students can rest assured that our carefully designed programs taught by spiritually and academically qualified professors will prepare them to accept and meet the burden that God has impressed upon their life. 

We know that online students have exceptionally busy lives so we have specifically designed our format with your cramped schedule in mind. We offer our flexible courses in calendar specified sessions. What does that mean? We offer six 7-week sessions per year at pre-determined dates. There are two 7-week sessions for each semester (fall, spring, summer). During each particular session we offer multiple courses that students may select from, assisted by their academic advisor. You may view what courses will be taught during each session here.

The convenience of our online courses is unparalleled, simply put wherever you have internet access you have access to your class (internet cafe, home, work, church, local restaurant w/free Wi-Fi, library, bookstores, etc.). Most documents can be downloaded and stored on your laptop so you can carry your classes with you. Spurgeon School of Online Education has strategically arranged our courses to be flexible and mobile, which is how most of our students request it.  Blackboard even offers a mobile app that is compatible with most tablets and smartphones.  Of course, we also highly recommend that you have access to your own computer and a dependable, high-speed connection to the Internet.

Class Size
Since our online education is designed to be highly interactive with quality communication between student and professor we limit our class size. Although there have been exceptions, normally class sizes will not exceed 15 students. The class size helps give the professor time to give quality feedback on assignments, quizzes, and exams. The class size also encourages quality friendships through assignments that may require collaboration among students. 

Since our courses are taught in a 7-week format our professors design the courses with 7 folders each representing a week of the course. Each folder contains assignments that must be completed during that week. Fortunately, we know your schedule is hectic so assignments can be completed flexibly throughout the week when you have valuable free time. 


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