Pastoral Studies

The purpose of the minor is to provide practical experience in the pastoral ministry and its functions. This minor is not designed for someone who aspires to be senior pastor. This minor is designed for someone on the pastoral staff who serves in a multi-faceted role in a local church or a multi-faceted role in another ministry area like missions. A combination  of missions and pastoral studies minors is a possible scenario or student ministry and pastoral studies minor is another possible scenario. The person who  aspires to be a senior pastor should take the Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies.


  • Devise and design teaching plans for the local church.
  • Evaluate and employ methods of counseling.
  • Compose and apply an administrative program for a local church.
  • Plan, prepare, and deliver biblically-based sermons.

Minor Requirements:
Methods and Techniques of Teaching                 
Expository Preaching
Pastoral Counseling                  
Church Administration
Pastoral Theology
Pastoral Internship

Total Hours (18 hours)