Dr. Beth Ashburn

Beth AshburnProvost

Dr. Ashburn moved from Burlington, New Jersey in the fall of 1967 so that her father could come to work at Piedmont. She turned 13 on the first night in their new home. In the intervening years, she has had the delight of staying very close to the ministry of Piedmont. Dr. Ashburn has been able to observe this institution as the President’s daughter, as an undergraduate student, as a young faculty member, and now as an administrator. She has watched the buildings go up and the influence expand. Her brother and two sisters came to school at Piedmont and now serve in fruitful ministries. She also had the joy of meeting her husband, Cliff, here when he came to work in the business office. Five of her nephews have been or are students and two of her sons. It would be fair to say that her life has been intertwined with Piedmont’s hallways, and it is certainly true that she believes passionately in what God is doing through Piedmont International University. 

B.R.E. Piedmont International University
M.A. University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Ph.D. University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Contact Dr. Beth Ashburn
Email: ashburnb@piedmontu.edu
Phone: 336-714-7956
Office: Grace Hall (2nd Floor)