Freshman, Transfer, or Returning Student

Whether you are new to Piedmont or a returning student, the Admissions Team is happy to assist you with the application process. Links have been provided below to help you complete each step. Completed forms can be submitted via email ( or faxed to 336-714-8094.

Steps to apply

  • Submit an application electronically here (includes a $60 application fee). Please fill out completely.
    When completing the application, you will be prompted to list the names and emails of two non-relative references.
    • Pastoral Reference: The senior or youth pastor at the church you are currently attending should be listed as your pastoral reference. If you are the senior pastor, you will need to list the chairman of the deacon board as your pastoral reference.
    • General Reference: It is preferable to list a teacher, coach, supervisor, or mentor as your general reference.
  • Submit your salvation testimony through this form
  • Complete this Statement of Faith form to demonstrate your essential agreement with the positions of the University. 
  • Use this form to request your high school transcript to be sent to Piedmont.
  • Transfer students may use this form to request college transcripts from all previous institutions you have attended accredited or non-accredited
  • Submit a current personal photograph (preferably through email)
  • Submit your ACT or SAT scores to Piedmont. If you include our school code (3142) when taking the ACT/SAT, a copy of your scores will be sent directly to Piedmont.