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Thank you for your interest in Piedmont International University and for stopping by our Financial Services page. We trust that as you navigate through the information on these pages, you will understand what to expect from us and become more comfortable with what it takes to be financially ready for your studies here. After reviewing the information you may still have questions. We encourage you to contact us anytime you need clarification or assistance. We are here to serve you.



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Annual Cost Estimate

Announcements & Goal Dates


Goal date for submitting your FAFSA for the upcoming academic year is May 30


Goal date to enroll in the annual 7 month-payment plan through CFNC is September 1 

Important National Test Dates

ACT National Test Dates
SAT National Test Dates



Financial Aid (scholarships, grants, loans, FAFSA, general issues)
Contact Us At:
800-937-5097  Fax:336-714-7820

For Veteran's Affairs
Mandy McLain
336-714-7878  Fax:336-714-7820 

Student Accounts (payment, payment plans, Military Tuition Assistance)
Suzzane Wooters
336-714-7940  Fax:336-714-5339