My Student Account

Student account statements are available through your Student Portal. No paper bills are mailed to your home address. As a newly admitted student, you will be notified of your portal login information. After you register for classes, the Student Account Office will email all correspondence related to your account to your PIU email address.

To check your statement, log on to your Student Portal. Click the "Billing" link in the top menu. You may review your statement online as well as print a copy. You will note that only activity within the current (or upcoming) semester is displayed. To receive a statement for a prior semester, contact Student Accounts.

View the Sample Statement to learn more about how to read and better understand your statement.

Financial Aid Disbursements
You may notice that some of your anticipated aid does not appear on your account right away. Institutional Aid is posted at the start of the semester. All Federal Aid and Outside Scholarships are posted as funds are received by the University.

Please pay close attention to all emails from the Financial Aid and Student Accounts Offices as they may relate to your delayed aid and may require immediate action.

Credit balances that appear on your statement may be disbursed to you. Contact the Financial Aid Office to request a disbursement. Checks are issued within 5 days of your request and can be picked up at the Business Office or mailed to a valid US address.

Important Reminders
If you wish to allow a third-party(ies) to have access to any of your Financial and/or Academic Information, you must complete a Privacy Release Form (FERPA). According to FERPA regulations, the University is not allowed to disseminate information without a current PRF on file.

You can fax your FERPA to 336.714.7820 or scan and email it to