Steps to Applying for VA Benefits

  • If you have not already done so, please decide which benefit(s) you plan to use and apply for the benefit(s) at

  • Inform the school's certifying official (SCO) of the following: 
    • The type of benefit(s) you plan to use
    • Your current service status
  • Submit copies of all applicable documentation to the SCO. Such documentation may include but is not limited to the following: DD214; Certificate of Eligibility; VA Application for Enrollment (Form 22-1990 or 22-5490). 

  • If you are transferring from another institution in which you have previously used your benefits, please submit a Change in Place of Training form (22-5495) to the VA. Be sure that the SCO receives a copy of this form as well.

Once you receive acceptance into a particular program of study and register for classes, the SCO can take the necessary course of action to help you receive your benefits.

Changing Programs
If while you are enrolled at Piedmont you decide to change your program of study, you will need to submit a Change in Program form (22-1995) to the VA. Be sure that the SCO receives a copy of this form as well.

During the course of your program it may become necessary to drop or add additional classes. Should you add or drop classes, please be sure to notify the SCO of the hours added or dropped.

Submitting a Request to Transfer Benefits to a Dependent or Spouse
If you are a dependent or spouse of a veteran, you may be eligible to receive veteran’s benefits as well.

  1. Using your CAC card or DFAS pin, log on to the DoD Transferability of Education Benefits (TEB) Web page located at 
  2. The family members eligible for benefits under DEERS will be shown. If a dependent’s name is grayed out or the edit button does not work, it means that the member is not eligible for DEERS benefits and thus is not eligible to receive transferred benefits.
  3. Click the edit button for each family member you want to transfer benefits to. Choose the start date and end date, and number of months of benefit. (Spouses can use for 15 years after the member separates/retires; children can use until their 26th birthday)
  4. Once you have added your family members, check all the boxes to indicate that you have read and understand each statement on the transfer request page.
  5. After you have submitted your request to transfer benefits, in the upper left corner of the TEB site, you will see your name, status submitted, and the date of status will be blank.
  6. To track the status of your request, you will have to return to the TEB page and monitor the status.
  7. After a request is approved, the status of your request will change to ‘approved’ and the date of status (approval) will be the date you submitted your request. The TEB site will automatically transfer the data to the VA, so that they can process a family member’s request for a certificate of eligibility.
  8. Once your request is approved, your family member has to submit a request for a certificate of eligibility to the VA. They should use VA Form 22-1990e, and can do so via the VA Web site:
  9. After receiving the certificate of eligibility from the VA, family members will provide the certificate to the school. 
  10. If your family member has not received the certificate of eligibility from VA when he/she enrolls in school, he/she should ask the veterans’ certifying official at the school to submit an enrollment certification for the academic term to the VA. 
  11. Tuition funds will be sent direct from the VA to the school. Children using transferred benefits will receive the monthly living stipend and the books and supplies stipend. Spouses using transferred benefits will only receive the monthly living stipend and the books and supplies stipend if they use the benefits after you separate from active duty.

TOE hotline number for the Department of Defense: 1.800.477.8227.

For more comprehensive information regarding Veterans Benefits, please visit the GI Bill Website at  VA forms can also be obtained here

You may also apply through  

Submit forms for certification to Lisa Underwood at or by fax to 336.725.5522.