Third Annual Forty Days & Forty Nights of Prayer

Book an appointment with Piedmont International University  using SetMoreIt was a crucial time of great transition for hundreds of thousands of vulnerable Israelites fresh out of slavery and camping in a remote wilderness. So, Moses went to Mt. Sinai where he focused on God and fasted for forty days and forty nights. He came off of that mountain with words from God that established the law for Israel and the Ten Commandments that continue to influence the world to this day.

Jesus also faced a crucial time as he prepared to transition from the carpentry shop into his earthly ministry. He was led of the Spirit into the wilderness where He focused on God and fasted for forty days and forty nights. He came out of the wilderness under the care of angels and immediately launched a ministry that continues to change the world to this day.

Piedmont is at a crucial time of transition as we pursue a vision of expanded influence across the country and around the world. Our goal is to grow enrollment to 500 main campus students and 5,000 online and/or grad students from every state and nation. By God’s grace we are well on our way with an overall enrollment of 790 in the last academic year along with record inquiries and applications for next year.

Concerning our vision to graduate key, gospel-multiplying, self-reproducing, highly-influential Christian leaders from every country, we are so inspired by the fact that PIU has already enrolled students from over one third of the nations on earth. Our Lord’s command to “teach all nations” is our literal goal.

To continue expanding our influence, Piedmont must pursue a variety of new approvals from state, federal, and international government authorities as well as additional accreditation. Understanding our deep need for God’s good hand to accomplish this, we are end

ing our academic year with a call for forty days and forty nights of continuous prayer that begins in chapel on March 17 and proceeds uninterrupted through the end of chapel on April 25. Our primary prayer request for Piedmont is that this university will follow the example of our Lord Jesus Christ and find favor in the sight of God and man (Luke 2:52) as we seek the various approvals and licenses. We also encourage each participant to share prayer requests and answers as well.

Our three goals are: (1) to have 100% participation from faculty, staff, and students and also include many alumni and friends; (2) to have 100% of the half-hour slots claimed so that the prayer chain continues uninterrupted; and (3) to document clear answers to specific prayer requests. Please sign up using our online form and then "like" us at the official Facebook page to follow the progress, share encouraging words and write your own prayer requests and answers to prayer. 

This year the online sign up form has a simple calendar view. You can click on the day and then click again on the time slot which will open a dialog box where you can enter your name and contact information. If you want a recurring prayer time, please write “daily” or “weekly” in the comment section, and someone will auto fill that slot for you across the forty days. “Daily” means that you will pray at the same time each day, and “weekly” means that you will pray at the same day and time once a week.

Finally, Moses and Jesus both fasted during their forty days, and we are encouraging those participating in our prayer chain to consider some form of fasting for some period of time during these days. In addition, we are asking that individuals and groups take initiative and create your own prayer times. We look forward to hearing about what God does in your life and ministry as well as sharing what He does here at Piedmont as we embark on forty days and forty nights of uninterrupted prayer.