A Bible conference was held in Birmingham, Alabama in 1935 featuring the well-known Bible teacher, Harry A. Ironside as the speaker. When the conference ended, Edgar J. Rowe and his wife Bessie, left with a dream in their hearts to establish a school that would lead the way in training and preparing men and women for ministry. From that dream and diligent work came Southeastern Bible College, which to date has experienced over 80 years of rich history, producing thousands of graduates who have significantly impacted all corners of the world.

Southeastern, known for “Making a Difference, Impacting the World” intentionally developed course work, taught the Bible and operated their campus in such a way to create students who would do just that, as evidenced by their alumni! Graduates have served and are presently serving in various roles of ministry throughout the world as senior pastors, associate pastors, missionaries, teachers and counselors as well as various other positions in both public and private business.

Just a few of the alumni who have made a difference include:

Recently President, Dr. Alexander Granados and the board of Trustees made a move that will ensure that the rich heritage continues well into the future and that graduates continue “Making a Difference, Impacting the World”.  Southeastern has merged with the with Piedmont International University group of schools led by president, Charles Petitt.  

Southeastern will have a new campus in Birmingham reflecting a new technologically advanced campus called the Smart Efficient Blended Campus (SEBC).  The Smart Efficient Blended Campus will be intentionally interactive allowing local students to enjoy outstanding faculty in face-to-face traditional classes and have the option of learning from great teachers who are connecting digitally from other locations.

By combining resources, cutting duplication, sharing academic and business infrastructure, and utilizing technology and the Internet, students will have access to quality, accredited, private, Christian higher education with ultimate flexibility and truly affordable tuition.

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