Undergraduate Steps to Apply

Admissions welcomes applications for the first-year, transfer, visiting or returning student. Whether you are new to Piedmont or a returning student, the Admissions Team is happy to assist you with the application process. Links have been provided below to help you complete each step. You may start and stop the application process before completing the application and it will be saved for you to resume at another time. When complete, please submit the application. Additional required information may be submitted via email, admissions@piedmontu.edu or faxed to 336.714.7819. If you need help, please contact  Admissions, admissions@piedmontu.edu or phone 336.725.8344 or 800.937.5097.

Admissions decisions are based on the following factors:

  • Cumulative GPA 2.0*
  • GED scores (if applicable)
  • National testing such as ACT minimum composite score of 17* or  minimum SAT (prior to 2016) combined score of 1230 or minimum SAT (2016 to present) of 920.
  • Personal testimony
  • References

*Piedmont is committed to evaluating each applicant’s complete profile taking into consideration their personal testimony, references and academic achievements and how they contribute to the overall mission and vision of the university. Academic assistance programs are available to students on a limited basis who do not the meet admissions academic criteria.


  • Submit an application. We will need complete information although you may stop and resume at any time with the online application.
    • Two references: As you complete the application you will be asked to list names and emails of two references not related to you.
      • Pastoral Reference: The senior pastor or youth pastor at the church you are currently attending should be listed as your pastoral reference. If you are the senior pastor, you will need to list the chairman of the deacon board as your pastoral reference.
      • General Reference: It is preferable to list a teacher, coach, supervisor, or mentor as your general reference.
    • Write a brief essay of approximately 250 words and submit it to admissions@piedmontu.edu. The essay should answer the following questions:
      • When and how did you accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior?
      • What is God teaching you through your personal devotions?
      • Why do you desire to attend Piedmont?
  • Please have official transcripts sent via certified pdf to admissions@piedmontu.edu or mailed to Piedmont International University, Office of Admissions, 420 Broad Street, Winston-Salem, NC 27101
  • Email current headshot photograph in JPEG format to admissions@piedmontu.edu
  • Submit your ACT or SAT scores to Piedmont. If you include our school code when taking the ACT/SAT scores will be sent directly to Piedmont. PIUs ACT school code is 3142 & SAT school code is 5555.