Residence Hall

Piedmont is committed to providing a great residential community and an oportunity to meet students from many other states and foreign countries.  All main campus students are required to reside on campus until reaching age 22, unless they commute from their parent’s or other relative's permanent address.  Living on campus in a student-focused, caring community provides wonderful opportunities for students to get involved in all areas of academic and campus life.

To assist each student while living on campus, Resident Assistants have been carefully selected and trained to serve as role models, peer helpers, and provide information to their residents. Resident Assistants run hall programs to support their residential community and serve as a liaison between the student and the Staff. If necessary, they will write disciplinary reports to help the Deans constructively correct violations of the Piedmont Conduct Code.

We have staff and security on call 24 hours a day to assist with student needs anytime of the day or night. Each building has Resident Assistants that are on duty each night. Resident Assistants assist with nightly incidents ranging from students who do not feel well to opening a door for a student that has forgotten their key.  If a student needs to go to the Doctor, Emergency Room,experiences a roommate conflict, we are there to support and assist. Our door is always open to our students when there are concerns or issues that need positive resolution.

Piedmont has three Residence Halls in close proximity to classes, the cafeteria, administration, chapel and the gym. Safety is a major priority and all entrance doors on campus have a swiped key access and each student's room is keyed to provide privacy. Each room is set up for two students and has two Ethernet ports allowing both occupants of a room to connect their personal computer to the PIUNET. The room and board fee covers the cost of the room and meals during the semester.  All items below are included with each room. 

Room Description

  • Double Occupancy Room: 11’ x 16’
  • Shared bathroom with a connecting room
  • Vanity 60.5”L x 20.5”D x 31”H with Cabinet Openings: 12”W x 17.5”H
  • Twin Beds (39 in.) that can be  67”H lofted (stacked) or 38.5”H un-lofted
  • Carpeted
  • Heated and Air conditioned
  • Window(s): 41”W x 49.5”H
  • Blinds provided, but no curtains. If you desire curtains use 48"x63" or a 42" tension rod.
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Desk  42.5”L x 23”D x 29.5”H
  • Filing cabinet
  • Dresser  32.5”L x 21.5”D x 47”H
  • Individual Closet  42”W x 34.5”D x 96”H
  • Two Ethernet ports and access to wireless internet
  • Dorm lounge

Resident Assistants

Each residence hall floor has a Resident Assistant (RA) chosen by the Student Services Department. The RA serves as an employee of the Student Services Department. Their area of responsibility is as follows:

  • Spiritual Guidance and counseling in the residence halls
  • General assistance in residence living
  • Room inspections
  • Friendly source of information
  • Enforcement of Student Handbook regulations


Check in Procedures

At the beginning of each semester students that have registered for the dorm must check-in with Student Services before moving into the dorm. Student Services will publish a check-in date. Dorms will not be available to students before the check-in date.

Room Availability

The resident halls are used to house PIU students during the two academic semesters only. When the semesters are not in session the resident halls undergo maintenance and are used as guest rooms for events.

Fall and Spring Breaks:

Students may have continuous use of their rooms while keeping in mind that the cafeteria is closed and no cooking is permitted in the rooms.

Christmas Holiday Break:

During this break, the students are expected to vacate the dorm within 24 hours of the last scheduled final. Written request for exception can be directed to the Director of Student Services. All campus services and the halls are either closed or diminished making life in the halls difficult.

Summer Break:

Selected rooms usually are available for summer residents. Students must be returning in the fall. Student rooms will be issued on a needs/special approval basis. A fee will be charged to use the room. Students requesting summer residency must keep in mind that it is temporary and the cafeteria is closed. No cooking permitted in rooms during summer months. Students are required to maintain their room and bathroom cleanliness during the summer. Failure to keep hall clean will result in fines and possible eviction.

Dorm Use For Graduating Seniors

Students graduating during the fall graduation cycle will need to have their dorm room inspected and emptied out with-in 3 business days after the final day of the fall semester. Students graduating during the spring graduation cycle are expected to have their dorm room inspected and emptied out with-in 3 business days after the graduation ceremony. Based on availability of summer dorm space, a spring graduating student may request to remain in the dorm through June 30, at which time the senior’s dorm room will need to be emptied and inspected.

Bulletin Boards

Information boards are placed in the residence halls for the students’ convenience. Students must not deface or remove material placed on the boards. The Deans’ bulletin board is located in the main Deeds hallway. Please check this board frequently. All information items posted on campus must be approved by Student Services.


Resident students are allowed to store their bicycles in designated areas.

Bed Linens

Sheets are to be brought to school by each student and kept on the beds at all times. In addition, each student must provide a mattress pad (39 inches wide) or a mattress cover (zippered vinyl) which is to be kept on the bed at all times.

Childcare in the Rooms

Students are not to do babysitting in their rooms or in the residence hall lounges.

Inspections and Care of the Room

Residence rooms, in a very real sense, belong to the Lord; therefore, as good stewards, students should care for His property.

RA Weekly Inspection

A weekly inspection is conducted. The following are the requirements of weekly room inspection:

  • Beds made and room is clutter free
  • Dresser, desks, and shelves dusted
  • Window sills and window blinds cleaned
  • Sink and mirror cleaned thoroughly
  • Wastebaskets emptied
  • Lights and electronic turned off
  • Floor swept/mopped or vacuumed
  • Tub and toilet cleaned
  • Clean HVAC box and keep clutter clear of box for clean airflow around box

Failure of weekly inspection will result in a fine of up to $5.00 per person, payable to the Student Services Department via the appropriate Resident Assistant. Failure to pay the fine within one week will result in the fine being doubled. Five weekly room failures will result in a student having to appear before the Student Conduct Committee.

Dean’s Inspection

Once a month, the Deans inspect residence rooms as scheduled. The requirements of this inspection are the same as that of weekly inspection. Failure of Dean’s Inspection will result in a fine of up to $10.00 per room payable to the Student Services Department via the appropriate Resident Assistant. If a student does not clean for Dean’s Inspection, the fine is $10.00, and the room will then be inspected the next day. Failing to pay any fine within one week will automatically double the fine.

Cleaning Equipment

Students are expected to supply disposable items such as soaps, cleansers, rags, etc. Brooms, dust pans, and wet mops for students’ use are available in the cleaning closets or laundry rooms on each floor. After each use, mops should be rinsed out and placed back in the cleaning rooms so others can use them.

Dorm Check-out Procedures

Students will not be permitted to check out of the residence hall until the Resident Assistant has checked his or her room. All rooms must be thoroughly cleaned and all furniture must be in place at this time. Students are expected to remove all personal items from the room. There is limited storage available during the summer months for student’s personal items. The following fines are in place to insure that proper procedure is followed:

  • Failure to check out properly - $75
  • Key lost or not turned in - $50
  • Dirty room - $20 to $50
  • Beds not properly assembled - $25
  • Furniture broken or missing - $50 + replacement cost
  • Light cover - $25+ replacement cost
  • Mattress missing or damaged - $25-$300
  • Damage to walls, doors, carpet, etc(depends on damage) $25 plus cost of repair
  • Screens missing or damaged - $50
  • Excessive un-cleanliness that requires service - $50
  • Failure to remove personal belongings/furniture - $50-$200