Letter from the Dean, Dr. Ron Smith

Welcome to the School of Arts and Sciences the home of the General Education Department and the Music Department offering a variety of courses that develop the Christian higher education student into an individual who is knowledgeable and conversant in a rapidly changing world that demands one to be able to communicate, critique, analyze, and think biblically in defense of the Christian life. The Music Department offers the B.A. in Church Music Degree and, in conjunction with The Moore School of Education, the Bachelor of Science in Music Education. Several electives are available through the Music Department including, private lessons, chorale, and academic music courses.

The General Education core is designed to enable students to be effective speakers, writers, historians, mathematicians, and scientists who are intellectually stimulating and have a Christian world view. The goal is to enable our students to articulate intelligently the difference between a biblical view of various disciplines and a secular view that leaves God out of the picture. It is the desire of the School of Arts and Sciences to guide student to apply critical thinking, analysis, and answers that are true to God’s word.

The Music Department offers degrees that allow students to develop their talents to serve the Lord through music as worship leaders, Worship Arts pastors, music teachers, and performers. Through the use of field experiences, recitals, and hands on experiences such as internships and student teaching, our music students gain the poise and musicianship to be effective servants in churches and Christian schools. While training musicians to be excellent performers and teachers the music faculty also recognizes the importance of music diversity to reach people across cultural lines.

The faculties with in the School of Arts and Sciences have the students’ best interest at heart and they care for them spiritually, academically, and socially. An advantage for students is the opportunity to get to know their professors in a more personal manner that will pray and help the students toward succeeding during their academic career.

Students graduating from Piedmont International University will have a mature walk with the Lord, have moral integrity, and be intellectually astute. They will have a greater love and desire to obey God, be able to effectively communicate their faith to the current culture, and have the skills to have a successful vocation that incorporates a servant/leader attitude in a Christ-like manner.

We invite you to come be a part of these exciting programs at Piedmont.

...that in all things He might have the preeminence.
Colossians 1:18



Our passion is to graduate men and women who are thoroughly equipped to be successful leaders who obey the Great Commandment, fulfill the Great Commission, and live abundant lives for the glory of God.