This is a highly selective five-year ACCELERATED offering that combines the Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies and the Master of Divinity degrees. With this accelerated program you save time and money enabling you to get a 7 year program in just 5 years.  This program offering is designed for students preparing for the ministry. Graduates of the Five-Year Scholars Program are fully qualified to enter the Doctor of Ministry or the Doctor of Philosophy program. 

Students indicate their desire to pursue the Scholars Program when applying to PIU. Initial approval is granted at admission, and official acceptance into the program is issued upon students’ completion of 60 undergraduate hours. Scholars’ eligibility to continue in the program is monitored at the end of every semester.

During the first two years students complete the majority of their core of Bible and General Education courses. During the third year they begin courses in their track and graduate-level courses that apply to both the B.A. and the M.Div. Students apply to the Seminary Scholars Program in the spring of their second year and graduate with their B.A. in the spring of their fourth year. The fourth year is a bridge year, and the fifth year is entirely devoted to completing their M.Div. requirements. Students graduate with their M.Div. degree in the spring of their fifth year.

For this degree please choose on area of ministry which will determine the electives.

  • American Sign Language
  • Children’s Ministry
  • Church Education
  • Coaching and Recreational Ministry
  • Counseling
  • Management for Nonprofits
  • Missions
  • Music
  • North American Church Planting
  • Student Ministry
  • Worship Leader






Admissions Requirements

  • High school diploma or equivalent with a GED
  • GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Minimum ACT composite score of 25 or minimum SAT (3 subject) combined score of 1700 or minimum SAT (2016-present) combined score of 1220
  • An application with Piedmont International University
  • Follow all steps of admissions
  • Written declaration upon admission to PIU to pursue the Scholars Program
  • Application to Scholars Program upon completing 60 undergraduate hours
  • Maintaining a cumulative GPA of 3.00 every semester


 Upon completion of the program, the student should be equipped to do the following:

  • Demonstrate through expository messages, lectures, or journal articles a general knowledge of the Bible (original languages or English translation) and an in-depth understanding of selected books using a literal hermeneutic leading to a dispensational, premillennial interpretation of the Scriptures
  • Exhibit competence in providing appropriate spiritual counsel or guidance in a church and in other ministry settings
  • Demonstrate ability in applying Christian Apologetics to evaluate contemporary philosophical ideas and commitment to applying biblical truth in evangelism
  • Conduct graduate-level research on a ministry related subject, as demonstrated in a paper using clear English and standard procedures
  • Explain and contrast the basic tenets of Christian theology and principles of ministry from a perspective of Christian maturity and Baptist distinctives
  • Develop measurable strategies for establishing and leading effective ministries

Summary of Required Hours

Bachelor of Arts

Biblical Studies 0
General Education 0
Professional/Ministry   0
Total 126

Master of Divinity

Biblical Studies and Languages 0
Professional Ministry 0
Electives 0
Theology 0
Reasearch 0

Hours that count in both degrees 36

Total Required Hours    162


Degree Completion Plan

Fall Semester

BO101     Old Testament Survey*     3 hours
GC100     Introduction to Computers       1 hour
GE101     English Composition I     3 hours
GH101     Survey of World History I     3 hours
GT100     Student Life Seminar     1 hour
MI101     Introduction to Missions^     3 hours
PT101     Evangelism^*     2 hours
PE___     PE Activity     1 hour

Total Hours  17


Spring Semester

BH104     Biblical Interpretation I: Principles of Biblical Interpretation*     2 hours
BN102     New Testament Survey*     3 hours
BP102     Christian Ethics^*     2 hours
GC111     Mathematics Survey     3 hours
GE102     English Composition II     3 hours
GP202     General Psychology     3 hours

Total  16 hours

For this degree please choose one area of ministry that will dictate the electives

  • American Sign Language
  • Children’s Ministry
  • Church Education
  • Coaching and Recreational Ministry
  • Counseling
  • Management for Nonprofits
  • Missions
  • Music
  • North American Church Planting
  • Student Ministry
  • Worship Leader

Fall Semester

BH201     Biblical Interpretation II: Dispensationalism*     2
BN104     Life of Christ     3
BN201     Pauline Epistles I     3
GH201     US History to 1865     3
GS201     Principles of Speech     3
Science Survey     3

Total  17


Spring Semester

BH202     Biblical Interpretation III: Issues in Eschatology*     2
BO202     Pentateuch     3
GF104     Survey of Fine Arts     2
PT202     Church Education^     3
EN___     Literature Survey     3
Ministry Option     3

Total  16