The purpose of the Associate of Arts in Early Childhood Education is to train students to better assist churches, preschools, and day care programs in the training of personnel for the teaching and care of pre-school aged children. This program is designed to produce graduates fully trained in early childhood development who can instruct from a biblically-based value system consistent with biblical truth and the priorities of parents.









Piedmont International University has transformed my life and ministry for the Lord.  I chose this school for its consistent doctrinal teaching at all academic levels and for its dispensational approach to Scripture.  The faculty and staff go the extra mile to help students receive the best education possible.  If you want the best academic training for ministry, choose Piedmont!

Ward Harris, B.A.B.S, M.A.B.S., Ph.D. in Progress
Associate Pastor, Church Administrator, and Bible Teacher
Ripplemead, VA

Loved my time here. Solid teaching from loving and invested teachers and staff! They are compassionate, involved people that truly love God.

Kathryn Best
Consumer Sales Associate at Kaplan Early Learning Company


Admissions Requirements

  • A high school diploma or GED
  • GPA of 2.0 or higher
  • Minimum ACT composite score of 17 or minimum SAT combined score of 1230
  • An application with Piedmont International University
  • Follow all steps of admissions





Upon completion of the program, the Early Childhood majors should be equipped to do the following:

  • Cultivate a biblically based philosophy of early childhood education that integrates biblical truths into curricular areas
  • Define the historical, philosophical, legal, and sociological foundations of early childhood education
  • Explain how childcare programs are properly and professionally administered
  • Construct developmentally appropriate activities for young children
  • Formulate and incorporate a variety of assessment tools for young children
  • Evaluate the appropriateness of curricular and pedagogical choices for use in the Pre-K classroom based on biblical philosophy and student needs


Summary of Required Hours

Biblical Studies 25
General Education 18
Specialty Area 
Total 62

Degree Completion Plan

Fall Semester

BO101     Old Testament Survey     3 hours
EC201     Trends & Problems in Early Childhood Education     2 hours
GC100     Introduction to Computers     1 hours
GE101     English Composition I     3 hours
GH101     Survey of World History I     3 hours
GT100     Student Life Seminar     1 hour
PT101     Evangelism     2 hours

Total Hours  15


Spring Semester

BH104     Biblical Interpretation I: Principles of Biblical Interpretation     2 hours
BN102     New Testament Survey     3 hours
BP102     Christian Ethics     2 hours
EC102     Early Childhood Curriculum Design     2 hours
EC205     Assessment & Readiness     3 hours
GE102     English Composition II     3 hours
PA100     Health Education or PE Activity     1 hour

Total Hours  16

Fall Semester

BH201     Biblical Interpretation II: Dispensationalism     2 hours
BT301     Bible Doctrine I     3 hours
EC203     Methods/Materials in Early Childhood Education*     3 hours
ED203     Diverse Learners*     3 hours
EE301     Teaching Bible to Children*     3 hours
GS201     Principles of Speech     3 hours

Total Hours  17


Spring Semester

BH202     Biblical Interpretation III: Issues in Eschatology     2 hours
BT302     Bible Doctrine II     3 hours
EC207     Infant and Toddler Development*     3 hours
EC212     Internship     3 hours
EE302     Children’s Literature*     3 hours

Total Hours  14

Our passion is to graduate men and women who are thoroughly equipped to be successful leaders who obey the Great Commandment, fulfill the Great Commission, and live abundant lives for the glory of God.