Theological Studies

BC302 Baptist History   3 hours
An investigation of the origin and onward march of Baptist principles including the birth, development, and nature of Baptist groups and denominations.

BC303 History of Christianity I: To the Modern Age   3 hours
A survey of the development of the Christian Church from its inception at Pentecost through the fifteenth century. The course will begin with a strong look at the patristic period, continue with the early medieval, and then special emphasis will be placed on figures, movements, and theological conflicts that led up to the age of Protestant Reformation.

BC305 History of Christianity II: Post Reformation   3 hours
A survey of the modern period, beginning with the Protestant and Radical Reformations, continuing into the twenty-first century. Special emphasis will be placed on figures and movements of dissent that led up to the Christianization of Europe and the western expanse of the church into the New World. There will also be a strong emphasis on the impact of Christianity on the Western world politically, culturally, etc.

BC306 American Christianity   3 hours
A survey of the Christian groups and movements appearing in North America from the colonial period into the present. Individuals, ideas, institutions, and issues relative to the historical and theological development of Christianity in the United States are included. A significant focus will be on Puritanism, Evangelicalism, Fundamentalism, and the American emphasis on Christianity in law, culture, and government.