Biblical Studies

BH100 Introduction to the Bible   3 hours
A course designed to provide an overview of the basic features of the Bible. Special emphasis is given to its purpose, its inspiration, its authority, its message, its basic divisions, its fundamental teachings about God, creation, man, sin, redemption, law, grace, end-time events, and the covenants.

BH103 Survey of the Bible   3 hours
A comprehensive overview of the entire Bible. Attention is given to the background, structure, and content of each biblical book. Special consideration is given to major interpretive issues and difficult passages in each book. (Prerequisite to all 300 and 400 level Bible classes).

BH104 Biblical Interpretation I: Principles of Biblical Interpretation   2 hours
An analytical study of the basic principles of interpretation as revealed in the biblical text. The normal, literal hermeneutic will be contrasted with competing views of hermeneutics for the Postmodern, Emergent Church, Covenant-Reformed, and Progressive Dispensational positions.

BH201 Biblical Interpretation II: Dispensationalism   2 hours
An analytical study and biblical defense of dispensational theology as it is coherently and progressively revealed in the text of Scripture.

BH202 Biblical Interpretation III: Issues in Eschatology   2 hours
An analytical study of the eschatological themes of the Bible with a particular emphasis upon Israel, the Church, the tribulation, the millennium, and eternity.

BH203 Biblical Interpretation: Procedure and Practice   3 hours
Apologetics is designed to introduce students to a Christian worldview as seen in the unfolding nature of Scripture. Classical issues in apologetics are addressed such as: the existence of God, the problem of pain, the authority of the Bible, the supremacy of Christ, creation-evolution and other religions. Contemporary issues in apologetics are also addressed such as: modern views of human expression, sexual ethics, and perceived contradictions within the Bible.