Biblical Studies

BN310 Introduction to Biblical Languages   3 hours
A study of the basic elements of language in both Greek and Hebrew that equips students to use the standard language tools of Bible study.

BN311 Greek I   3 hours
A course acquainting the student with the basics of the Greek language in preparation for translating the New Testament. Emphasis is placed on nouns and indicative mood verbs.

BN312 Greek II   3 hours
A continuation of BN311 with an emphasis on verbal elements outside the indicative mood.

BN411 Greek III   3 hours
A review of word inflection, noun declension, and verb conjugation as well as a more advanced study of syntax and translation of selected passages from the New Testament. Special attention is given to the principles of textual exegesis (Prerequisite: BN311, 312)

BN412 Greek IV   3 hours
A continuation of BN411 and should be taken immediately after completion of BN411.