Biblical Studies

BN102 New Testament Survey   3 hours
A comprehensive overview of the entire New Testament. The course develops the biblical, chronological, and dispensational framework of each book. (Prerequisite to all 300 and 400 level Bible classes)

BN104 Life of Christ   3 hours
A thematic study of the earthly life of Christ as set forth in the Gospels. Special emphasis is given to the role of Christ as Messiah and Revealer. His identification, authentication, presentation, and rejection are studied in the light of Abrahamic promises.

BN201 Pauline Epistles I   3 hours
A brief introduction to and a careful exposition of Romans, I Corinthians, and II Corinthians.

BN202 Pauline Epistles II   3 hours
A brief introduction to and a careful exposition of Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, I Thessalonians, II Thessalonians, I Timothy, II Timothy, Titus, and Philemon.

BN301 General Epistles Survey   3 hours
A survey of the General Epistles, with emphasis on the theme, the historical setting, the recipients, and the arguments of each book. Covenants, Christological themes, and eschatological implications are noted. Constant emphasis is placed on application of the material to present ministry.

BN302 Daniel and Revelation   3 hours
A study of the great prophetic statements of Daniel and Revelation. Careful attention is given to the covenants, the Christological implications, and the unfolding of God’s purposes in Israel, the Nations, and the Church.

BN303 Romans   3 hours
An exegetical and expositional study of Romans. Emphasis is given to Paul’s flow of thought as he develops the epistle’s argument. Man’s state before God, justification, Israelology, the consecrated life of the believer, and other key doctrinal issues are presented. Practical applications to modern culture are made throughout the course.

BN304 John   3 hours
A topical and exegetical study of the Gospel of John, including textual, literary, and cultural issues distinctive to John’s Gospel.

BN305 Hebrews   3 hours
An analytical study of the book of Hebrews in which the superiority of Christ is contrasted with the Levitical system. Special attention is given to the warning passages and the consequent responsibility of believers in the present age.

BN402 Acts   2 hours
An in-depth study of the early Church, its origin, expansion, early organization, and activity. Emphasis is given to the activities of the apostles and of the Apostle Paul.

BN403 The Pastoral Epistles   3 hours
An expositional study of I & II Timothy and Titus with special attention to the arguments of the letters, interpretive difficulties, and application to church ministry in the present day.