Biblical Studies

BO101 Old Testament Survey   3 hours
A comprehensive overview of the entire Old Testament. The course develops the biblical, chronological, and dispensational framework of each book. Emphasis is placed on the unity and coordination of the Old Testament. (Prerequisite to all 300 and 400 level Bible classes)

BO201 Historic Books   3 hours
A synthetic study of the historical books of the Old Testament. Attention is given to the history of Old Testament times, together with its geographical background, and the great lessons to be learned from the activity of God in the affairs of men.

BO202 Pentateuch   3 hours
A detailed study of the first five books of the Old Testament. Emphasis is placed on the development of the theocratic program of God and on significant persons and events in the program.

BO301 Prophetic Books   3 hours
A survey of the major and minor prophets, with attention to the date, authorship, theme, and historical setting of each book. Covenant and eschatological implications are noted in addition to Christological themes.

BO402 Poetic Books   3 hours
A study of the poetry division of the Old Testament (Job through Song of Solomon). These books are considered for their doctrinal and practical values, with Job, the Messianic Psalms, and Ecclesiastes receiving special attention.