Letter from the Dean, Dr. Jerry Hullinger

The School of Bible and Theology is anchored in the global mission of Piedmont International University which is to equip students for effective service as pastors, associate pastors, evangelists, missionaries, church education leaders, Bible College, and Seminary professors, authors, and Christian leaders through advanced biblical, theological, and professional studies.

We will equip you not only with biblical and theological knowledge but also with the skills necessary to unfold the meaning of the biblical text and to reveal its influence on the minds, methods, and actions of humankind.

I encourage you to prepare for a lifetime of learning the Bible and its doctrines at Temple Baptist Seminary. Hopefully, you will consider pursuing one of our degree programs in the School of Bible and theology. At the undergraduate level, we offer a variety of programs that include the Certificate of Bible, A.A. Bible, B.A. Bible (For College Graduates), B.A. Bible with Selected Minor, B.A. Biblical Studies, and a Dual Degree Option– B.A./M.A. Biblical Studies. Also, the Five-Year Integrated B.A./M.Div. Seminary Scholars Program is offered to highly motivated students with proven records of excellence and a clear sense of calling. At the graduate level, we offer the following degrees: M.A. Biblical Studies– Non-Language, M.A. Biblical Studies– Ph.D. Prep, and the Ph.D. in Biblical Studies. These programs are designed to develop the intellectual capacities of our students before they enter the ministry.

The scholarly professors who comprise our faculty will help you engage deeply and broadly with your pursuit to learn more about the Bible and its doctrines. They serve as active and engaged student advisors and mentors. Moreover, they bring years of teaching experience to the classroom providing a biblical perspective into contemporary biblical and theological issues. Most importantly, they strive to build personal relationships with the students individually.

Because our faculty members believe that a fruitful ministry extends far beyond career preparation, we know that you will emerge from a biblical/theological education at Temple Baptist Seminary transformed through a comprehensive Bible and theological core.


Bowman School of Bible & Theology – PIU Roar
Dr. Jerry Hullinger, the New Dean of the Bowman School of Bible and Theology
Exciting things are happening for Bible and Theology majors at Piedmont International University (PIU). Piedmont is eager to announce theological and exegetical expert, Dr. Jerry Hullinger, as the new dean of the Bowman School of Bible and Theology. The School of Bible and Theology is anchored in the global mission of Piedmont International University which is […]
Friday, August 16, 2019 3:31:54 PM

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Who decides what the Bible means? Watch as Dr. Jerry Hullinger explains.

Bowman School of Bible and Theology Degree Offerings

KEY:   * Online Only  ** Residential Only  ^ Requires Dean’s approval and additional hours
† Online with one-week on campus residency requirement

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