Theological Studies

BT301 Bible Doctrine I   3 hours
A survey study of the essential doctrines of Christianity, including the doctrines of inspiration, God, angels, man, and sin.                               

BT302 Bible Doctrine II   3 hours
A survey study of the essential doctrines of Christianity including the doctrines of Christ, salvation, the Holy Spirit, sanctification, the church, and future things.

BT303 Systematic Theology I   3 hours
A study of prolegomena, bibliology, theology proper, and angelology (angels, demons, and Satan).

BT304 Systematic Theology II   3 hours
A study of Christology, pneumatology, anthropology, and hamartiology.

BT403 Systematic Theology III   3 hours
A study of soteriology (the doctrine of salvation), encompassing the Person and work of the Savior on the Cross.

BT404 Systematic Theology IV   3 hours
A study of ecclesiology and eschatology, the doctrine of the church, and the doctrine of the last things.

BT410 Topics in Biblical Theology   1-3 hours
An opportunity to explore theological issues of special interest or concern. This course counts as a biblical theology elective. Subject matter varies depending on faculty expertise and student interest. (Prerequisite: Approval of Division Chair, Professor, and Provost)