BUS521 Management Information System   3 hours
This course will investigate issues relevant to effectively managing Information Technology (IT). The functions of an information systems organization will provide the basis for exploring challenges facing Management Information Systems (MIS) managers and e-Business (electronic business). Management of the fast and ever-changing Information Systems (IS) environment will be a recurring theme.

BUS522 Principles Of Organizational Finance   3 hours
A comprehensive study of finance for the executive manager learning to utilize the financial tools to analyze and interpret the financial health of an enterprise. Students will have practical learning experiences to understand financial concepts used in corporations as well as small business in order to become skillful in financial planning and analysis.

BUS612 Organizational Business Culture   3 hours
This course gives attention to the knowledge and skills needed to manage a multinational/ multicultural business. The focus of the course is on understanding how cultural differences can affect the marketing and delivery of products and services, and the interaction of company employees with one another, customers, suppliers and government representatives.

BUS621 Contemporary Economic Issues   3 hours
This course considers an array of leading contemporary economic issues, with specific topics chosen from current and recent policy debates. The aim is to help students learn to think critically about pressing issues, utilizing economic reasoning, theory, and principles.

BUS635 Social Entrepreneurship   3 hours
Students develop the analytical, conceptual, and practical skills required to design, develop, and deliver a new social business concept and opportunity. Social entrepreneurs are revolutionizing the approaches to problems in areas such as education, the environment, poverty, health care, and social justice. This course will allow students the opportunity to move their entrepreneurial missions forward by refining their innovation and leveraging their impact.

BUS641 International Business   3 hours
This course gives attention to the knowledge and skills needed to grow and sustain performance in an international business organization, whether a full company, a department, division or other strategic business unit within an existing organization. It addresses the common international business functions of market analysis, exporting, sourcing, direct foreign investment, and cross- cultural management.

BUS644 Human Resources Law   3 hours
This course examines the legal risks involved in national and international organizations today, especially as these risks relate to technology, patents, copyrights, product liabilities, employment law, and related legal fields, including an examination of how sound decision-making occurs in these environments.

BUS645 Capital/Endowment Campaigns   3 hours
This course applies the principles of management, finance, and law to the creation, planning, and execution of feasibility studies for fundraising campaigns in nonprofit organizations, and offers guidelines and procedures for initiating and managing those fundraising campaigns when implemented.

BUS650 Board Leadership and Management   3 hours
This course is a preparation for, and an examination of, the techniques and principles needed to staff a board of directors, including the nature, purpose, history, definition, and models of nonprofit governance.

BUS680 Leadership and Human Behavior   3 hours
A study of how leadership requires effective management of people and a clear understanding of human behavior and social processes. Leaders need to have a good understanding both of themselves and of those who they will lead. Leaders need to know why people behave as they do in relation to their job, work group, and organization. This knowledge of individuals’ perceptions, attitudes, and behavior enables leaders to choose appropriate leadership styles and managerial practices to increase organization effectiveness and positive human outcomes.