This minor is designed to introduce the student to the expanding area of ministry to children and their families, particularly within the local church. Using practices of ministry relevant to the culture, students will be taught (1) to effectively teach the Word of God to children, (2) to organize and supervise a safe and learning environment for children, and (3) to develop and administrate a ministry to children from birth through elementary.




This program provides learning opportunities which should enable the student to:

  • Evaluate the current culture in which children live and address their needs accordingly.
  • Formulate a biblical and personal philosophy of children’s ministry.
  • Identify the vital need for the church to partner with parents in the spiritual development of children.
  • Design, implement and lead a family-conscious children’s ministry program within the local church.

Summary of Required Hours

Required Hours 18


Minor Completion Plan

CE102   Introduction to Children’s Ministry     1 hour
CE202   Foundations of Children’s Ministry     3 hours
CE303   Christian Education of Children     3 hours
CE313   Children’s Ministry Internship     2 hours
CE401   Administration of Children’s Ministry     3 hours
CO401   Marriage and Family Counseling     3 hours  
CE410   The Christian Home     3 hours
CE____   or other approved elective course     3 hours

Total semester hours     18