CO301 Counseling I: Theory and Methodology   3 hours
A course designed to develop a biblical view of people and problems. A biblical model for how people function, how their problems develop, and what direction should be taken in addressing those problems will be discussed. The issues related to the Bible’s authority over psychology will also be discussed. (Prerequisite: GP202)

CO302 Counseling II: Problems and Procedures   3 hours
A course designed to make one aware of the process of moving a person from his/her present response to a biblical response. A conceptual model will be given in order for students to apply the theory already given. (Prerequisite: CO301)

CO303 Counseling in the Local Church   3 hours
A course designed to help one evaluate and expand a current philosophy of church and ministry. Special consideration will be given to how counseling theory and skills can further the purpose of God in the context of the local church.

CO308 Field Experience in Minor   2 hours
A course providing an opportunity for the student to apply his/her skills gained through classes in a selected minor. A University supervisor in the minor field will work with the student individually to implement an appropriate list of practical experiences.

CO401 Marriage and Family Counseling   3 hours
A course providing an understanding of the biblical model of marriage and parenting with an effort to equip the student with a direction over contemporary issues facing the home. The student should be able to identify and give guidance in correcting family problems. One should then become aware of the complexity of issues that face the home.

CO402 Counseling Adolescents   3 hours
A course discussing the unique dynamics facing adolescents will be the focus of this course. The underlying issues facing all adolescents will be evaluated in order to develop a biblical strategy for addressing these issues via a counseling ministry. A strategy for counseling the parents of the adolescent will also be discussed.

CO404 Counseling and Theology   3 hours
A course discussing basic relevant doctrines and demonstrating relationships demonstrated for counseling theories/methodologies.