Becoming an e4-12 Church or Organization

Join the expanding group of churches/organizations offering e4-12 in partnership with Piedmont International University. It is simple to participate and with very little effort or cost you can begin offering the special  online courses, allowing students to work towards a Master's in Ministry degree OR simply learn for personal knowledge and enrichment.

Shahn Wilburn, pastor of Riverview Baptist Church in Blacksburg, Virginia has benefited greatly by seeing 37 members of his church take classes, including all of his Sunday School teachers.


Three components necessary for the e4-12 program

  • Piedmont International University offers the online program
  • Your church or organization partners with Piedmont to offer the program
  • Students study at your location


Information for Pastors and Leaders

Have you ever wished your teachers and leaders knew more about the Bible, taught better lessons or knew how to better defend their faith? Now you can offer university level training to your people and your community equipping them to better serve in ministry as you present teachers who are recognized leaders in their area of study! By utilizing this cutting edge method of teaching, students in your church and community can earn an accredited master's degree in ministry from Piedmont International University at an unbelievably low cost OR they may simply choose to learn for their own knowledge and personal enrichment and receive a completion certificate. Either way you and your church win by having seminary trained teachers and leaders.

 Through this partnership your church will develop Christian leaders who are:

  • Competent in Biblical and theological knowledge
  • Strong in their personal faith
  • Skilled in ministry
  • Outstanding in communication
  • Prepared to understand and engage their culture with courageous proclamation of the gospel and confident defense of the faith.
“e4-12 has literally changed my church. All my teachers and leaders are seminary trained and two good church members are now ordained and working as staff members for FREE!”
                                                                          ~ Pastor Shahn Wilburn, Riverview Baptist Church

Imagine what this could do for your church as your staff, teachers and other leaders learn together from well known teachers who are cutting edge, leading authorities in their area of study! This program, designed specifically to provide students at your church with biblical principles of ministry and practical how to skills will deliver the ministry education you wished they had and help them serve with confidence.  Students from your church and the community will learn as the lectures are streamed right into a classroom in your church. Think of your teachers and workers becoming seminary trained leaders.

Ken Ham, leading world authority in teaching creation, Alex McFarland and Lee Strobel, well known authors and teachers of Apologetics and our very own Jerry Hullinger who is consistantly viewed as the students favorite teacher at Piedmont teaches Hermenutics and you will have this and more right in YOUR church. 

Will My People Be Able To Do University Level Classes?

Good question! That is precisely why we have designed two tracks that utilize the same online lectures. Some in your church already have a batchelors's degree and they have a strong desire to pursue an accredited Master's degree in Ministry, especially when they learn it only requires 30 hours at $99 per hour. Others in your church never went to college, quit before finishing OR just dont have a desire to persue the degree ... Perfect. These students can gain the knowledge and become better eqquipped without the stress of papers and tests for only $39.00 per course. They have a desire to learn and experience personal growth and they will be rewarded with a certificate of completion. With e4-12 there is a place for everyone to become better equipped for ministry.

The Master of Arts in Ministry Degree

The Master of Arts in Ministry degree, a 30 credit hour program is made up of ten courses that each feature twelve, professionally filmed, 45-minute lectures which are streamed into a classroom at your church.

Students who are seeking the master's degree

  • Must hold a recognized bachelor's degree
  • Enroll with Piedmont for online classes
  • Gather each week at a time decided by your church to watch the video lectures
  • Log on to Piedmont's Blackboard server for discussions, class assignments, and exams
  • Complete the 30 hour required courses
  • Receive a master's degree

By following the normal sequence, a student can earn an accredited Master of Arts in Ministry degree in as little as three and a half years for less than $3,000 of total tuition. Upon successful completion of the program, students can come to campus at Piedmont in Winston-Salem and march at commencement to receive their diplomas.

Personal Enrichment

The enrichment option utilizes the same lectures and is available for only $39 per course for those not wanting the stress of papers and tests. Instead of a Master's degree this option comes with a certificate of completion that is suitable for framing and is perfect for Sunday school teachers, small group leaders, church leaders and anyone wanting to know more about the Bible and Ministry..

  • Register
  • Attend class
  • Learn for your own personal knowledge or enrichment
  • Increase your faith
  • Receive a certificate at the end of each course
  • Receive an official certificate of completion after attending all ten courses 

If you have  questions concerning e4-12, please contact our Admissions office at or call us at 800.937.5097. If you have questions concerning payment, please contact us at  For all other questions, please contact the e4-12 Coordinator.