Evangelism Overview

In Evangelism, noted evangelism professor Dr. Larry Moyer, as well as other presenters, purpose to equip believers to carry out the Great Commission. This course provides a practical and methodological study of accomplishing that biblical mandate while addressing it contextually and biblically. According to a 2013 Barna report, one-in-four believers do not believe they have an obligation to share their faith with others, and only one-in-two believers had actually shared with someone in the past year. While this number may not sound alarming at first, consider the number of people in the world and the percentage of those people who actually have a relationship with Jesus Christ versus the number of people living around the world that have no knowledge of Him. The task is enormous and will require motivation and training to work toward its accomplishment. In this course, the presenters will address topics such as:

  • What Do We Tell the Non-Christian?
  • Multiple Methods to Present the Gospel
  • Learning to Listen in Evangelism
  • Reaching the Next Generation

Along with Larry Moyer, Alvin Reid, David Wheeler, and Matt Smith provide the student with both a mind and heart for reaching others with the good news of Jesus Christ. In order for the Church to carry out the mandate of the Great Commission, it will require intentional evangelistic efforts fueled by the grace experienced in the life of a Jesus-follower. Evangelism will help the student on their way to carrying out that biblical mandate.


MIN507 e4-12


This Course is Taught by

Larry Moyer: Speaker, Author, President, CEO, and Founder of Evantell Ministries

Dr. Larry Moyer, Founder and CEO of EvanTell, is a frequent speaker in evangelistic outreaches, training seminars, churches, and classrooms across the world. He has earned degrees from Cairn University (B.S.), Dallas Theological Seminary (Th.M), and Gordon-Conwell Seminary (D.Min).


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 This e4-12 course has 12 lectures approximately 45 minutes long.

  • What Do We Tell the Non-Christian
  • How Do We Present the Gospel
  • Learning to Listen in Evangelism
  • How to Display Wisdom in Evangelism
  • How to Pray as You Evangelize
  • Turning a Conversation to Spiritual Things
  • Servant Evangelism
  • Reaching the Next Generation
  • Revival and Evangelism
  • Issues in Evangelism
  • How to Make Evangelism a Habit
  • How Do You Help a New Christian


Promotional materials are available to the liaison to help promote e4-12 to your church. Please view the designated area for liaisons only in blackboard. If you need help or more information,  please contact Terrill Gilley the e4-12 academic coordinator.