Intro to Hermeneutics Overview

Hermeneutics is the science and art of interpreting Scripture. It is a science because there are fixed objective rules to be applied to the text; and it is an art because it takes skill in learning how to use these rules. The goal of hermeneutics is to discern what the original writer meant when he wrote his document. In Introduction to Hermeneutics, the student will develop tools to aid in developing a more accurate understanding of God’s Word. Some of the topics covered in Introduction to Hermeneutics include:

  • The Unifying Theme of the Bible

  • Genres of Scripture

  • Context & Culture

  • The Role of the Holy Spirit

Throughout history, various methods have been employed to understand Scripture. Well-meaning Christians have often expressed frustration when it comes to interpreting the Bible. After all, if God has a specific message for his people within the Scripture, why are there so many possible interpretations for that message? In Introduction to Hermeneutics, the student will learn how to respond to that question, how to properly approach the Scripture and apply into their context, and gain a heart of wisdom and a mind of discernment in the process.



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BIN500 e4-12


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 This e4-12 course has 12 lectures approximately 45 minutes long.

  • Introduction and the Unifying Theme of the Bible - Dr. Jerry Hullinger
  • Genre - Narrative
  • Genre - Law
  • Genre - Wisdom
  • Genre - Poetry
  • Genre - Prophetic
  • Genre - Prophetic II
  • Genre - Prophetic III
  • Genre - Parable & Epistle
  • Lexicology, Morphology & Syntax
  • Application, Validation & the Role of the Spirit


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