Course Overview

In collaboration with Dr. Aubrey Malphurs and the Malphurs group, Leadership & Vision Casting studies the models of biblical leadership and application of biblical principles in sharing a vision and communicating it to certain groups. Throughout the course, students will discover how leaders can develop a strong vision and share it for effective achievement of goals. More than simply understanding concepts of leadership, students will be challenged to effectively communicate as they consider the impact of vision to both individuals and organizations. Throughout their course of study, students will encounter topics such as:

  • The Credibility and Competency of a Christian Leader
  • The Influence of a Christian Leader
  • The Need for and Importance of Vision
  • Nehemiah: A Biblical Leadership Case Study
  • The Leader’s Effective Management of Time
  • Leading to Exceed Expectations

More than a course of study, leadership and vision casting is part of a God-ordained pattern throughout Scripture. This course is designed to help students understand the impact of effective leadership and the detriment of insufficient leadership, both in organizational structure and in the Christian walk. Everyone leads. How you lead may determine more than the direction of an organization or a church; it may dictate an eternal destiny. Lead on and lead well.

MIN500 e4-12


This Course is Taught by

Aubrey M. Malphurs: Author, Lecturer, President, The Malphurs Group

My deep desire is to influence a new generation of leaders through my classroom, pulpit, consulting, and writing ministries. I've had the privilege to be involved in a number of ministries ranging from church planting and growth to leadership development. I've pastored three churches and authored several books and articles on leadership and church ministry. I'm the president of the Malphurs Group and a trainer and consultant to churches, denominations, and ministry organizations throughout North America and Europe.


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 This e4-12 course has 12 lectures approximately 45 minutes long.

  • Distinctives of a Christian Leader
  • Credibility and Competency
  • Influence of a Christian Leader
  • Situational Leader with Clear Direction
  • Need and Importance of Vision
  • Development and Communication of Vision
  • Leading to Exceed Expectations
  • Nehemiah: A Biblical Leadership Case Study
  • Life of a Leader
  • Leaders, Leading and Leadership
  • Key Topics in Leadership


Promotional materials are available to the liaison to help promote e4-12 to your church. Please view the designated area for liaisons only in blackboard. If you need help or more information,  please contact Terrill Gilley the e4-12 academic coordinator.