New Testament Studies Overview

New Testament Studies, presented by Dr. Jerry Hullinger, is a survey of the background and message of the New Testament books. In this course, the focus is on the spread of the Gospel and its mandate for us today. While the major doctrines of salvation and the church are presented, this course includes more than data…it provides the student with the critical information needed to identify major figures, events, and literature which form the basis, not just for the New Testament, but for our faith. Along with a survey of the New Testament books, material in this course includes following Jesus through each book and presents:

  • Christ as Teacher
  • Christ as Prophet
  • Christ as God
  • Christ as Man
  • Christ as the Head of the Church
  • Christ as Redeemer
  • Christ as the High Priest
  • Christ as Victor

New Testament Studies is more than a course on New Testament literature; it is a course dedicated to more accurately understanding God’s love for man through his Son, Jesus Christ. From the Gospels to the Revelation, the student will see how God’s eternal plan to save mankind came via the birth and life of Jesus and in his imminent return. New Testament Studies will equip the student with the ability to understand and explain these tenets of faith as well as defend false ideologies regarding the New Testament.


BSN501 e4-12


This Course is Taught by

Jerry Hullinger: Professor of Theology, Piedmont International University

I completed my theological training at the historical, evangelical institutions of Moody Bible Institute and Dallas Theological Seminary. I've served as a pastor and then as a college/seminary professor. I came to Piedmont in the fall of 2009. I'm a staunch supporter of sola scriptura and I desire that my students think deeply and independently and to find validation for their beliefs through an objective handling of Scripture.


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 This e4-12 course has 12 lectures approximately 45 minutes long.

  • Christ as Teacher
  • Christ as Prophet
  • Christ as The God-Man Part 1
  • Christ as The God-Man Part II
  • Christ as the Head of the Church Part I
  • Christ as the Head of the Church Part II
  • Christ as Redeemer Part I
  • Christ as Redeemer Part II
  • Christ as Redeemer Part III
  • Christ as High Priest Part I
  • Christ as High Priest Part II
  • Christ as Victor


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