Old Testament Studies Overview

Old Testament Studies will introduce the student to the great events and flow of history of Old Testament times. This course is a survey of the backgrounds and messages of Old Testament books. While the focus will be on many of the practical aspects of the Old Testament canon, additional discussion of ancient cultures, geography, and the fulfillment of the Old Testament prophecies will be among the major areas of study throughout this course. Other topics will include:

  • Background Nations
  • Key People
  • Events
  • The Prophets
  • Daniel and the Link to Revelation
  • Worship Rituals
  • Poetry

Join Dr. Gilbert Braithwaite and an extraordinary team of Bible professors (including the late Dr. Hoyle Bowman) as they outline this survey of the Old Testament and bring it into contemporary context and application. In Old Testament Studies, not only will students continue to develop a sound worldview based upon accurate Old Testament theology, but will also be able to utilize that information in preparation for understanding and teaching about the geography, culture, and history of Old Testament people and events. Students who take this course will be better equipped to communicate the Gospel more effectively across cultures as they make the Bible clear and meaningful to people today.

BSO501 e4-12


This Course is Taught by

Dr. Gilbert Braithwaite: Professor of the Old Testament, Piedmont International University

Doctor of Theology, Dallas Theological Seminary


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Important Information

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 This e4-12 course has 12 lectures approximately 45 minutes long.

  • Early Events
  • Middle Events
  • Later Events
  • Geography
  • Background Nations Part I
  • Background Nations Part II
  • Key Figures Part I
  • Key Figures Part II
  • Daniel
  • Worship and Response Part I
  • Worship and Response Part II
  • Worship and Response Part III


Promotional materials are available to the liaison to help promote e4-12 to your church. Please view the designated area for liaisons only in blackboard. If you need help or more information,  please contact Terrill Gilley the e4-12 academic coordinator.