Survey of Theology Overview

In Survey of Theology, professors such as Larry Tyler, Alan Cox, Rob Decker, Jerry Hullinger, and the late Hoyle Bowman, along with several others, commit to communicating biblical and practical theology. This course contains an overview of the key doctrines of Systematic Theology and its application to the Christian faith. The study of these basic doctrines has always been a core component to any degree at Piedmont International University and will help the student to understand theology and put it into practice for life-long ministry. While this course is research intensive, it will help the student to engage a theological topic and produce a well-argued position on that topic. In this course, the presenters will address topics such as:

  • Bibliology: The Doctrine of the Bible
  • Theology Proper: The Doctrine of God
  • Anthropology: The Doctrine of Man
  • Hamartiology: The Doctrine of Sin
  • Soteriology: The Doctrine of Salvation
  • Ecclesiology: The Doctrine of the Church
  • Eschatology: The Doctrine of Last Things

The course presenters are chosen experts in their respective fields of theology and give the student substantial resources to demonstrate a rationale for their systematic beliefs. While the areas covered in this course represent an overview of Systematic Theology, there are several additional resources included in the course workbook and course texts that will aid the student in continuing to develop their personal application of that theology well beyond this course.

THE506 e4-12


This Course is Taught by

Jerry Hullinger: Professor of Theology, Piedmont International University

I completed my theological training at the historical, evangelical institutions of Moody Bible Institute and Dallas Theological Seminary. I've served as a pastor and then as a college/seminary professor. I came to Piedmont in the fall of 2009. I'm a staunch supporter of sola scriptura and I desire that my students think deeply and independently and to find validation for their beliefs through an objective handling of Scripture.


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 This e4-12 course has 12 lectures approximately 45 minutes long.

  • Introduction - Dr. Alan Cox
  • Bibliology - Professor Wayne Willis
  • Theology Proper - Professor Jerry Hullinger
  • Pneumatology - Professor Gilbert Braithwaite
  • Angelology - Professor Adam Christmas
  • Anthropology and Harmatiology - Professor Brian Wagner
  • Soteriology - Professor Tim White
  • Ecclesiology - Professor Gilbert Braithwaite
  • Eschatology - Professor Hoyle Bowman
  • Practical Theology - Professor Rob Decker
  • Biblical Theology - Professor Jon Bolin
  • Christology - Dr. Alan Cox


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