Master's of Arts in Ministry e4-12

BSO501   Introduction to the Old Testament     3 hours
An introductory study of the Canon and text of the Old Testament along with an understanding of the composition, themes, authorship, date, and design of each book. Special attention is given to history as well as distinctions among the major sections.

BSN501   Introduction to the New Testament      3 hours
An introductory study of the Canon and text of the New Testament along with an understanding of the composition, themes, authorship, date, and design of each book. Special attention is given to the chronology, social, political, and other background information of the New Testament.

BIN500  Introduction to Hermeneutics    3 hours
An introduction to valid methodology for determining the original meaning of Biblical texts and applying their modern significance. Special attention is given to historical development, principles of interpretation, and relationship to the covenants and eschatology

THE506   Survey of Theology     3 hours
An introductory survey of basic biblical doctrines, including the doctrines of God, Scripture, angels, man, salvation, the church, and last things. Emphasis is placed on the application of theological truth in Christian global witness.

THE517   Apologetics     3 hours
A study of philosophical and theological issues relative to Christian apologetics within the context of worldviews. Major attention is given to the relationship between faith and reason, the value of theistic arguments, Christian certainty, and the character of revelation, along with the development of an apologetic methodology.

RES511   Research: Writing and Communication     3 hours
A study of advanced biblical research and communication skills. This course is designed to develop a student’s competencies in conducting sound research on an approved topic and in presenting the findings in a research paper that is proper in form and style and in preaching or teaching that is powerful and relevant. The course includes an extensive research paper as well as preaching or teaching in a variety of settings.

MIN500   Leadership and Vision Casting     3 hours
A study of the models of biblical leadership and application of biblical principles in sharing a vision and communicating it to certain groups. This course will examine how leaders can develop a strong vision and share it for effective achievement of goals.

MIN507   Evangelism     3 hours
A practical and motivational study of the biblical mandate of the Great Commission in its contextual and contemporary setting. The theological, strategic, and practical aspects are discussed and applied in a variety of contexts. An important component of the course is the application of instruction by every student.

MIN509   Origins     3 hours
A theological and biblical study of the doctrine of creation and God’s plan of redemption designed to strengthen Christian witness. A comprehensive review of the theory of evolution and other alternate views are carefully evaluated in the light of the absolute truth revealed in the Scripture.

MIN524  Teaching the Bible      3 hours
An inductive Bible study skills course designed to teach the principles and techniques of teaching the Bible in a church, a school, or small groups, including objectives, teaching aids, and evaluation. 

MIN563  Ministry to Children and Youth     3 hours
A course designed to equip the student to minister directly to children and youth within the local church or para-church context through events, programs and curriculum. A portion of the course will also prepare ministry leaders to provide parents with necessary tools and resources for discipling their own children and youth. Attention will be given to current literature and the practical application of children and youth ministry principles and resources relevant to a broad range of settings.