Church/Organizational Cost

e4-12 offers graduate-level training at substantially lower cost than traditional institutions due to the fact that churches and parachurch organizations serve as hosts for students. Since its inception at Piedmont, e4-12 has offered a tiered cost system based on the level of support which the organization participates with Piedmont International University as an institution.

Here is an explanation of the costs associated with e4-12 on the organizational level:

  • non-supporting organizations: $499 per course/semester
  • supporting organizations:
    • $100/month support level: $199 per course/semester
    • $200/month support level: $0 per course (unlimited number of courses per semester)

Organizations are required to register for courses each semester just like students do. However, e4-12 students are unable to register until their sponsoring organization has registered. Thus, the courses the student can take is limited to those offered by the organization. (In the student cost section, we will explain how a student could take a course in addition to that offered within their organization.)

In addition to the cost savings of offering courses in e4-12, organizations that support Piedmont International University at the $100/month level are able to receive a tuition discount of up to 1/3 off for all other programs offered at Piedmont for their organizational members.

Register your organization for e4-12 here