Two ways to take advantage of the e4-12 opportunity

Now through this new innovative offering there are two ways to take advantage of this unparalleled learning opportunity through your church and anyone can do it!

  • Enroll in e4-12 for credit and earn an accredited Master's degree
  • Register to take classes for enrichment and your own personal knowledge

 Three components necessary for the e4-12 program

  • Piedmont International University offers the online program
  • Your church or organization partners with Piedmont to offer the program
  • Students study at the church or organization

e4-12 for Credit

Earn a accredited Master's degree in ministry through the strategic partnership between your church and Piedmont International University for under $3,000.  The courses have been carefully developed utilizing cutting edge instructors who are leading authorities in their area of study.

The Master of Arts in Ministry degree is a 30 credit hour program made up of ten courses that feature twelve professionally filmed, 45-minute video classes. Each class will be streamed  and played into a classroom at your church.

Students who are seeking the master's degree

  • Must hold a recognized bachelor's degree
  • Enroll with Piedmont for online e4-12 classes
  • Gather each week with others you know at your church to view the streamed lectures.
  • Log on to Piedmont's Blackboard server for discussions, class assignments, and exams
  • Complete the 30 hour required courses
  • Receive a master's degree and walk during commencement at Piedmont

By following the normal sequence, you can earn an accredited Master of Arts in Ministry degree in as little as three and a half years. When completed come to Piedmont and mark the occasion by walking in the commencement exercises. 

Those in your church who are not seeking a degree may take advantage of this great learning experience and simply learn for their own personal knowledge and enrichment. They will receive a certificate of completion.

If your church has not already partnered with Piedmont in this innovative e4-12 offering share this with your pastor and start your degree program soon!



e4-12 for Enrichment

Ever wished you had more Bible training and knowledge but thought you could never go to Bible College or Seminary? Well now you can! Study with your friends right in your own church without the pressure of papers and tests!

Piedmont International University and Temple Baptist Seminary have stategically developed accredited university/seminary level courses utilizing well known instructors who are leading authorties in their area of study. This progam, e4-12 was created for students to earn a master's degreee in ministry. But even though you are not seeking a degree why not take advantage of these classes and learn all you can? Grow your faith. Become a better teacher. Develop into a ministry leader at your church!

Imagine learning from Ken Ham, the world's leading authority in teaching creation, as he teaches Origins at your church. Though his lectures you and other students from your church will gain unparalleled knowledge producing a full understanding and deep confidence in the biblical account. You will learn how to best answer questions concerning creation vs evolution and unashamedly defend your biblical views.

Because of this stategic partnership between your church and Piedmont you can sit in the classes and learn for only $39.00 per course and receive a nice certificate of completion suitable for framing.

If your church has not already partnered with Piedmont in this innovative e4-12 offering share this with your pastor and start your Bible and ministry education soon




Learn from Experienced Experts in their Various Fields!

Learn from world renowned authorities like Ken Ham teaching Origins, and answering questions about creation. Many other well known authors and teachers like Alex McFarland and Lee Strobel in Apologetics, and PIU's very own professor Jerry Hullinger who consistently receives highest ranking with students in Hermenuetics and New Testament Studies will help equip you for ministry. 

Courses offered

The coures for the Master of Arts in Ministry are a combination of biblical studies, theology, ministy studies and research. Each church or organization determines the specific course offering and scheduleas it works best for them. 

View the data completion sheet, admissions requirements and courses offered.